Linea Celebrates A Successful Voyage with the Network's First NFT Collection

The Linea team celebrates its mainnet release with one of the largest collective onchain actions in Ethereum history, recognizing the Linea Voyage community with a commemorative NFT collection.

The road to Serenity, as Ethereum 2.0 is often referred to, has been paved not only by researchers, clients teams, and Ethereum Core Developers contributing to protocol upgrades, but also by individual users contributing their randomness, solo staking, and actively participating in the projects seeking to scale and secure Ethereum.

On July 11th, Linea released its mainnet alpha, a powerful Layer 2 (L2) network with unparalleled scalability with a growing ecosystem of over 100 decentralized applications, developer tools and infrastructure. As we stand on the brink of a new era of Ethereum scalability, we are humbled by the unprecedented community effort it took to bring Linea to life.

Over the past two months, hundreds of thousands of early community members and more than 50 partners joined our Linea Voyage, a collective effort to shape and strengthen Linea ahead of mainnet. As of this morning, over 5.6M unique wallets submitted more than 50M testnet transactions on Goerli, with the help of our early partners. The collective action of Linea’s powerful early community was crucial in preparing the network for mainnet alpha release.

Today, we extend our deep gratitude to the Linea community that participated in the Voyage. To commemorate their efforts, Linea has commissioned a set of digital art pieces inspired by their contributions to the network. The Linea Voyage portrays the emergence of a new global network through stages of development, instantiation, growth, experimentation, and connection. The collection illustrates how individual efforts coalesce into a powerful wave of collective action, driving the network forward to a future marked by efficiency, scalability, and innovation. The collection celebrates the Lineans—early community members whose contributions helped shape and test the network—and the transformative power of community collaboration.This collection comes in five different editions. The first four editions, “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Gamma”, “Delta” will be airdropped to the top four tiers of participants, based on their ranking in the final Voyage leaderboard. The fifth edition “Omega” will be available for claim by all other participants. This unique collection is set to be one of the largest (by distribution) in Ethereum’s history.

View the Linea Voyage Collection

The airdrop will begin during the Linea Mainnet livestream program on July 18th, 2023. Once the NFT drops have been completed, the Omega edition will be made available to all remaining participants. Updates and announcements about the start of the claim window will be shared on our Linea Twitter account.

Here’s everything you need to know about the NFT drop:

  • **Is this NFT free?**Yes, this NFT is free for Voyage participants. Starting on July 18th, the first four editions of NFTs will be airdropped to the roughly 352k participants who finished in the top four tiers of the leaderboard (tier definitions below).

    All other participants will be able to mint the Omega Edition NFT via Consensys NFT’s platform. The only cost incurred will be from paying gas fees for the mint. Please make sure to have LineaETH in your wallet before claiming. See instructions below.

  • **What is gas?**Essentially a transaction fee paid to secure the network, gas is the unit of measure for how much computational work is required to process transactions and smart contracts.

    For a L2 network like Linea, this fee covers the L2 execution costs and the gas required to publish data and verify proofs on mainnet Ethereum. The cost of an individual transaction on Linea varies, but is up to 15x cheaper than minting directly on mainnet Ethereum. To learn more about gas, read this user guide.

  • How can I claim the NFT?

    • There are two claim paths for the Linea Voyage: an airdrop and a mint. For participants who finished with more than 2500 points in the final Voyage leaderboard (around 352,000 participants), Consensys will use its own NFT platform to airdrop the NFTs to the wallet addresses used for the Linea Voyage on Galxe.

    • All other participants (2500 points and below) will be prompted to follow a simple claim flow:

      1. Visit the claim page: Make sure to connect the same wallet you used to participate in the Voyage.

      2. Buy Ethereum and add it to your wallet: In order to pay the gas fee to mint your NFT, you will need to have LineaETH in your MetaMask wallet. You can easily buy Ethereum directly from MetaMask by following these instructions.

      3. Bridge Ethereum to LineaETH: You can easily bridge your ETH to LineaETH by following these instructions.

  • **How long do I have to claim it?**The claim window will start once the airdrops are completed and will stay opened for one month.

  • Where can I view my NFT?

    The full collection can be viewed on the Consensys NFT platform but you can view and trade on multiple NFT marketplaces including Zonic, and Bilinear.

  • **You reference multiple editions, how do I know which NFT I will receive?**As a way to celebrate the launch of mainnet, Linea will airdrop limited edition NFTs from the Voyage collection to the top participants from our testnet Voyage as a small token of our appreciation for the role this community played in preparing Linea for mainnet.

    The edition that you receive is based on your final position on the leaderboard from the Linea Voyage on Galxe.

    • Alpha: Participants finishing with 3400 points and above*

    • Beta: Participants finishing with 3050 points and above but fewer than 3400 points

    • Gamma: Participants finishing with 2740 points and above but fewer than 3050 points Delta:  Participants finishing with more than 2500 points but fewer than 2740 points

    • Omega: Not airdropped but available for claim by participants with 2500 points or below and a registered wallet on the Linea Voyage on Galxe

These limited edition NFTs were created specifically for the initial Linea community      and will be part of the first NFT collection on Linea mainnet. With over 5M      participating wallets, we expect the collection to become one of the largest by      distribution in web3’s young history.

  • **What is the total supply for each edition?**The supply of each edition reflects the number of participants that achieved a certain score:

    • Alpha: 26,776 NFTs for the 26,526 participants and 250 airdropped to the Linea team and to the launch partners who were critical to testing the network and supporting the Linea Voyage Quest.

    • Beta: 50,824 NFTs

    • Gamma: 100,155 NFTs

    • Delta:  175,166 NFTs

    • Omega: Max supply of 4,933,567 which accounts for all remaining participating wallets including those who supported our private testnet.

  • **How many open edition NFTs can I claim?**If you’ve participated in the Linea Voyage on Galxe and are ranked in the tier 5 (2500 points or fewer), you may claim one single Omega NFT.

  • **What is the utility?**This collection is, first and foremost, a set of artistic works celebrating an important technological milestone for Linea and the important role our early community played in bringing it about. This NFT will forever serve as proof of your contribution to launching this network and scaling solution for Ethereum.

    As a piece of technological memorabilia, this NFT collection’s utility solely comes from proving that you were there to contribute to this key milestone in the history of web3.

  • **Who made these NFTs?**Consensys NFT partnered with artists and creatives at Unconfined to shape this collection.

  • **What do they represent?**Each version depicts a stage of the testing journey we took together.

    • The Omega Edition depicts the initial development of the network and the assembling of a community of individuals—the Lineans—who collectively shaped and strengthened the network’s foundations. This open edition extends the celebration to all participants of the Linea Voyage.

    • The Delta Edition represents the inception of the network, the moment of instantiation of the testnet and activation of the community effort, sending waves of energy throughout the network, and setting into motion the potential to come.

    • The Gamma Edition illustrates the collective endeavor of the community of Lineans, growing the network through experimentation and iteration. Towers of blocks emerge from the shared foundation, symbolic of the new landscapes built together.

    • The Beta Edition depicts the energy, activity, and transactions helping form the new global network. It embodies the motion and dynamism characterizing the vibrant community, highlighting the unlimited energy and potential of Linea.

    • The Alpha edition depicts the entire story of Linea so far, through each of the stages of development, instantiation, growth, experimentation, connection, and adds the final stage: the completion of the voyage with the launch of Linea Mainnet. The Alpha edition represents the highest honor of the Linea Voyage and is reserved for the top tier of participants.

    Having trouble claiming your NFT and can’t find the answer on this page? Join our Discord and our Discourse forums.

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