Experience the East with Linea Park in Week 4

We are at Week 4 of Linea Park and the thrilling journey of exploring blockchain and web3 gaming continues. This is a special week where we take you on a captivating cultural journey, where you are invited to immerse yourself in the essence of the East.

At Linea, we are all about celebrating our end users, the developers, and the vibrant community that makes our ecosystem thrive. This week is a special nod to the robust gaming ecosystems of the Asia-Pacific region, a region at the forefront of innovation and adoption in web3 gaming. Asia-Pacific was the world’s largest gaming market in 2022 in terms of the number of users, with China, Japan, and South Korea accounting for over 800M active users in blockchain gaming. For comparison, the US had only 200M active users in the same period, according to data from Newzoo.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Asia is emerging not only as a participant in web3 gaming but as a leading force. Some of the most popular web3 games such as The Sandbox and Axie Infinity were created by Asian gaming companies Animoca Brands and Sky Mavis. This week, we are bringing to you a selection of our gaming partners from the East, giving you a taste of the vibrant culture of this trailblazing region.

Featured Games and Dapps of the Week

Yuliverse: Yuliverse is a location-based lifestyle app that helps you connect with other players in your city. You can explore new in-game territories, complete quests and earn Yuli points all the while socializing with friends, and giving back to the community. Discover hidden treasures and make meaningful contributions all in one place. Learn more through this tutorial.

2048 (Zypher): Get hooked on z2048, the first fully on-chain iteration of the classic 2048 puzzle game, enhanced with zk-powered move-log aggregation. As you play, you can earn Zypher NFTs that represent your progress and achievements in the game. This game is not only a test of strategy but also the pioneer in utilizing Zypher’s Cloud Service, making complex Proof of Computation accessible to mobile users. Check out their tutorial.

RPD (Yooldo/ Catze): Enter the adrenaline-fueled world of RPD, a high-quality battle royale play-to-earn game known for its sustainable tokenomics. Gear up for action without the fear of inflationary repercussions. Check out this guide to learn how to play.

Timeless Wallet: Timeless is a web3 social wallet that goes beyond transactions. It’s your gateway to communicating, connecting, and collaborating in the gaming world, making it a must-have tool for the socially-active gamer. Read this guide to know more.

Tomo: Tomo is a web3 social media app that is revolutionizing how content creators and followers interact on web3. Built on the Linea, it simplifies the user experience with account abstracted wallets for a seamless user experience and enables direct content monetization. You can unlock exclusive content through blockchain-powered ‘Keys’ that provide users token-gated access to creators’ chat rooms. Discover more here.

Battle Showdown: Battle Showdown is a multiplayer shooter game powered by ReadyNFT. Showdown introduces an on-chain monetization layer for web2 and web3 gaming. Gamers can engage in wagers, create tournaments, and utilize decentralized financial tools over their favourite games, enabling activities that harmonize the essence of both worlds seamlessly. Check out their tutorial to get started.

Sarubol by Tanukiverse: Tanukiverse, is a foremost network state IP brand that embodies Japan's ancient culture and traditions, passionately preserving them through captivating yokai tales and generational storytelling of the iconic folkloric character, Tanuki. Sarubol is a captivating pinball game within the Tanukiverse, combining elements of hypercasual gaming and NFTs. Get started with this tutorial.

Ultiverse: The Ulti-Pilot world is an AI-driven virtual world powered by the Bodhi Protocol. Within this realm, you control a digital avatar (Ulti-Pilot) with customized traits and skills to interact with various products in the Ultiverse ecosystem, all while earning tangible rewards. Check out this guide to start your journey.

Dive Into Linea Park

As we delve into Week 4 of Linea Park, we are not just exploring games; we are embracing a cultural exchange that spotlights the East’s influential role in web3 gaming. It is a celebration of innovation, community, and the promising future of gaming. Join us in this journey and be a part of the narrative that shapes the next chapter of the digital world. Experience the East, experience the future with Linea Park.

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