The Linea Park Adventure Continues: Dive Into the Thrills of Week 2

Greetings, adventurers and explorers of the digital realm.

As we embark on the second week of our six-week-long gaming adventure with Linea Park, the excitement is palpable among our community. After a thrilling start with the world of role-playing games and multi-player online games in week 1, it is time to gear up for even more electrifying experiences with our week 2 focus on action and adventure arcade. Let’s look at the electrifying lineup of partner decentralized applications (dapps) awaiting you in week 2.

What’s Coming in Week 2

Enders Gate: Dive into this free-to-play, trading card game inspired by Y-Gi-Oh, but with a twist – your cards are NFTs. You can collect, trade, and play with these cards that feature art from artists worldwide. Sharpen your strategies and prepare to battle it out in an innovative, digital arena. Check out their tutorial.

Satoshi Universe: Step into the first-ever lore-driven entertainment universe on Linea. Engage in the sci-fi story behind the Mobile City Builder, NFT Card Game and our Comics! Here is their tutorial to get you started!

Abyss World: Welcome to this action role-playing game (ARPG) set in the mysterious world of Nordinia. You can explore this world, uncover ancient secrets, and interact with various characters and tools. The game leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized and player-centric gaming environment. There is also a chance to earn loot box NFTs! Check out their tutorial here.

Yooldo: Trouble Punk: Experience a high-quality battle royale play-to-earn game with inflation-free tokenomics. The game has a cyberpunk theme and graphics, which were awarded the Unity Korea Award 2022 for Best Graphics. Get ready for a combat experience like no other with this tutorial. Not just any photo app, is a community-driven photo game that fuses social media with blockchain technology, spiced with financial incentives. It essentially allows you to create and collect digital art using generative algorithms. You can earn real rewards for your photography skills and creativity! Learn how to do so using this tutorial.

Get Set for Week 2

Gear up for an extraordinary gaming experience where each game brings a unique flavor to Linea Park’s Action & Adventure Arcade. Prepare to lose yourself in the realms of excitement and challenge. Whether you are a seasoned web3 enthusiast or new to the blockchain gaming scene, Linea Park promises adventures that are not to be missed.

At Linea, we place immense value on the voices and experiences of our community. Your feedback is the cornerstone of our continuous efforts. Together with our dedicated partners, we are committed to enhancing your experiences at Linea Park, ensuring every visit is memorable. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey toward creating better experiences for you at Linea.Join us as we continue this journey through the digital universe.

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