Announcing the Linea Dev Cook-Off

We are excited to announce the Linea Dev Cook-Off, a monthly online buildathon to level up the dev-curious, reward new builders, and celebrate ongoing projects building out on-chain experiences.

We will have an ETH prize pool every month that we will distribute amongst the top qualified projects that demonstrate Github activity for that month.

This is a great opportunity to win some small prizes alongside your regular building, improve on past hackathon projects, and get exposure to the Linea team and community!

You can create a new project, iterate on an ongoing one, or revive and refresh that old side project you've been wanting to get back to.

Literally, win cool prizes for just shipping.

Register here to sign up for the hackathon. You’ll get immediate access to the Linea Builders Club, where you can connect with our growth, dev, and marketing teams for help and mentorship, get test ETH on Linea Sepolia, and get the latest information on what’s happening in the Linea dev ecosystem!

Not a dev? Not a problem!

As part of the Linea Dev Cook-Off, we will be providing educational resources, workshops, and templates to train you up to submit a project. What’s great is you can submit tutorials as well! So, maybe you won’t build out a full dapp, but you can document your process learning how to build an existing one and submit that instead.

The possibilities are endless. The builder vibes last forever.

For our inaugural Dev Cook-Off this month in April, we’re hosting a 2-part mini-bootcamp to take you from beginner to expert and also have an additional $1000 prize pool sponsored by the efrogs, the OG PFP collection on Linea.

Set your reminders for our Dev Cook-Off mini bootcamp workshops:


Who can submit?

  • You can submit on behalf of a formal organization (profit-seeking company or DAO), but priority will be given to independent hackers

  • You can make multiple submissions

  • You can use old code!

  • Bonus points for adding a frog somewhere in your submission 😉 🐸

  • Bonus points will be awarded to projects that incorporate the partner tooling found here

What are examples of good projects?

  • Flappy bird, but with frogs 🐸 and on-chain

  • A step-by-step, published tutorial on how to build a (maybe frog-themed 🐸) dapp on Linea

  • A translated guide on how to build on Linea

  • A published video explainer on how to build with Linea or Linea concepts

  • Improving the UI of a hackathon project you built before

You can find more ideas in the #frog-ideas channel in the efrogs Discord

How are projects judged?

  • Functionality and technicality - How complete and complex is the project?

  • Really great UX - How easy is it for a new user to navigate or how easy it is to follow the tutorial?

  • Originality - How original and innovative is the project? Is it pushing the boundaries of on-chain use cases?

  • Goshdarnit this is cool - A catch-all vibe check for projects that are simply fun to interact with

Don’t forget! We are giving bonus points to projects that integrate partner tooling or incorporate frogs.

What counts as a qualifying submission?

If you're submitting a dapp or Farcaster frame...

  • Open source, public Github repo

  • Non-trivial progress made on your project during that month (as measured by your Github commit history)

  • Verified smart contract deployed on Linea Sepolia or Linea Mainnet

  • Working product demo link

  • Short video explainer (less than 5 minutes) of what your project is and what changes you made that month if it is not a new project

  • Posted and tagged on Twitter (@lineabuild) or Farcaster (@linea)

If you're submitting a tutorial...

  • Open source, public Github repo

  • Published tutorial link

  • Non-trivial progress made on your project during that month (as measured by your Github commit history)

  • Bonus points for publishing an accompanying video explainer

  • Posted and tagged on Twitter (@lineabuild) or Farcaster (@linea)

Ultimately, a "high-quality" submission is quite subjective, but you can imagine invalid submissions as something like unusable demos, projects that are simply slightly modified clones of other projects, and otherwise scrapped together hacks that took little to no effort to put together.

Happy hacking!!

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