The Importance of Liquidity on Linea

With the Linea Surge on the horizon, explore why liquidity is a crucial indicator of a healthy, robust network benefiting all Linea builders and users in web3.

When assessing the health and performance of a layer 2 (L2) blockchain network like Linea, a key metric to consider is liquidity, also referred to as total value locked (TVL).

TVL is the pulse of the network, indicating the total dollar value of all the digital assets tied up through decentralized finance (DeFi) projects and other decentralized applications (dapps). This includes all assets locked in various activities such as lending, staking, or participating in liquidity pools in decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Here’s an analogy from traditional finance: think of TVL akin to the total market capitalization of a publicly traded company. The larger the market cap, the “bigger” the company. Now, this larger market cap can indicate many things; possibly that the public perceives the company to be more valuable and that it likely has a larger market presence and brand value.

Similarly, high TVL on an L2 network equates to high trust, security, and financial commitment by its users. A robust TVL indicates a healthier, more vibrant network, particularly in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Let’s dive deeper into the importance of TVL in creating a thriving L2 blockchain network like Linea.

What Liquidity Means for the Linea Network and Ecosystem

High TVLs carry significant implications for both users and networks within the DeFi landscape, fostering confidence and encouraging active participation, with specific benefits tailored to each role within the ecosystem.

For Users

  • Encourages Diversity and Innovation: With more users come more ideas. A high TVL attracts innovative minds eager to push the boundaries of what’s possible within DeFi. This influx of talent enhances the network’s diversity, offering users a wide variety of services and applications. Competition flourishes, leading to better, more user-friendly projects. The network turns into a hub of creativity, always evolving to meet its users’ needs.

  • Builds Confidence and Stability: A substantial TVL indicates more trust and confidence in the network among its users. When users see a significant amount of money locked in a network and its protocols, they perceive it as credible and reliable. This user confidence translates into financial stability, which is crucial for drawing in more investments and encouraging long-term commitment from users. Moreover, financial stability helps cushion against market volatility, making the network safer to use.

  • Promotes Active Participation: A high TVL often translates into more liquidity on the network, allowing users to participate without worrying about liquidity shortages. It enables seamless user experiences, like efficient asset swapping in DEXs with minimal slippage and easy access to lending markets.

For the Network

  • Measures User Assets: A soaring TVL is likely indicative of extensive user participation, showing the assets are present and active on the network. It is a clear indicator of network activity – more TVL equals more activity and a more attractive network.

  • Boosts Network Appeal: An L2 network with a high TVL attracts both users and developers alike. It signals a thriving marketplace with robust activity and financial opportunities. Users are drawn to networks where they can quickly join in on various DeFi applications, knowing their contributions are part of a larger, active community. It is akin to choosing a bustling, well-stocked market over a deserted one for your shopping needs.

The Flywheel of Liquidity

A high TVL sets off a virtuous cycle of network growth. As more funds are locked in, the network becomes more attractive, drawing in more users and various projects. This increase then further boosts the TVL, attracting even more participants. Each step in this cycle enriches the network, making it a dynamic and thriving ecosystem brimming with opportunities.

Take the Linea ecosystem for example. It started small, with a TVL of $2.7M at the time of its mainnet launch in July 2023. The network grew as more diverse projects and users joined, reaching a high of $613.6M earlier this month. The variety of use cases and projects on Linea made it a lively place to be, leading to growth and making it into a bustling hub for DeFi activities.

Wrapping Up

Total value locked is far more than a metric; it reflects a blockchain network’s health, attractiveness, and growth potential. L2 networks with increasing TVL draw users and developers, fostering an environment for innovation and financial activity.

Understanding TVL’s impact is key to recognizing the elements contributing to an L2 network’s success and resilience.

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