Linea Partners with Tenderly To Bring Innovative Tools to Developers

What happens when you combine web3’s all-in-one development platform with the fastest-growing zkEVM network? EVM developers rejoice! We are delighted to announce Linea’s partnership with Tenderly. This strategic alignment paints a strong vision for the growth of both platforms, but more importantly, for the developers innovating new decentralized applications and the users who engage on-chain daily.

Linea, the fastest-growing zkEVM network, has steadily established its significance in the L2 ecosystem by bolstering the Ethereum network’s performance through enhanced scalability, reduced transaction costs, and increased on-chain capacity. On the other hand, Tenderly provides web3 developers the ability to build, test, monitor, and operate smart contracts from inception to mass adoption. Linea is the first zero-knowledge solution supported by Tenderly.

Bridging Synergies: Linea X Tenderly

The integration of Tenderly with Linea signifies a strategic move towards providing the best tools for developers in the L2 ecosystem. By availing the advanced features offered by Tenderly, developers on Linea can now enjoy an expanded suite of tools that foster a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective development process. BUIDLing a successful decentralized applications (dapp) on Linea is easier than ever!

What exactly does Tenderly offer to developers? One popular feature is transaction profiling. It provides developers with a visual understanding of how much gas each operation consumes and equips them with the knowledge to optimize their products, thereby significantly reducing gas consumption. Another useful feature that Tenderly offers is transaction simulation. Simulating transactions allows users to gain predictive knowledge about their outcomes before they sign and confirm the transaction.

The Tenderly Dashboard allows developers to get a comprehensive view of their projects in a single dashboard. Developers can deploy and verify contacts on Tenderly while keeping them private within their project. Additionally, Tenderly allows developers to integrate existing Linea contracts and wallets, enabling monitoring of their activities.

With these tools now available on Linea, developers gain an edge in creating more optimized and efficient dapps. Furthermore, Linea’s core team, which develops Linea’s tech stack and core contracts, is already using these features for their development processes, demonstrating their effectiveness and relevance.

Elevating the Developer Experience

A key priority for Linea is to create a vibrant dapp ecosystem that offers something for everyone. Partnering with Tenderly is a step toward providing everything dapp developers need to build, scale, and maintain successful products.

As Linea continues to move forward on its journey to scale Ethereum’s infrastructure safely and efficiently, this partnership is a significant achievement, improving the developer experience and making it easier to launch a successful dapp.

Use Tenderly’s innovative developer toolset to build on Linea today! You can check out Tenderly docs, and a quickstart guide to the web3 development platform.

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