Introducing Linea Voyage: The Surge - Ushering in A New Era for the Linea Ecosystem

Discover how “Linea Voyage: The Surge” is supercharging our network by bringing the missing piece for a complete ecosystem: liquidity. Join us as we supercharge the ecosystem where dapps thrive.

Linea’s story so far has been one of tremendous growth. Today, the network has $440M in total value locked (TVL) within only eight months since our mainnet launch. The credit for this unprecedented growth undoubtedly goes to our vibrant community, their enthusiasm and continued participation in the Linea Voyages. These Voyages have connected hundreds of thousands of users, new and seasoned alike, to the many decentralized applications (dapps) in our ecosystem.

As we edge toward progressive decentralization of Linea’s network with technological advancements like sequencer decentralization, it’s time to embark on a crucial Voyage, one that promises to redefine our collective journey and provide the greatest level of user experience. Liquidity in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols is a critical component of a flourishing network, not just because it fuels opportunities, but mainly because the overall user experience is strictly dictated by this factor. An ecosystem with +300 dapps but low liquidity is like a beautiful body without blood, it’s not alive. Liquidity bolsters dapps, making them more robust, secure, and user-friendly.

Enter “Linea Voyage: The Surge”: the program designed to turbocharge our ecosystem with increased TVL, a surge of DeFi enthusiasts, and unparalleled excitement. In this blog, we’ll explore what the Surge means for the ecosystem, how it benefits our existing community, our gratitude for that community, and provide a high-level overview of the Linea Voyage: Surge.

Why Linea Surge and Why Now?

Liquidity is a vital concept in DeFi. TVL is a crucial number for a blockchain network as it works as a proxy for the network’s health, and widely influences the user experience of dapps by reducing slippage and side effects. And it is a virtuous cycle: a high TVL brings even more users to the network and more diverse use cases are built on it. This in turn attracts more users who gain value from the diversity and robust liquidity of the network, adding further TVL.

While a high level of liquidity is crucial to the success of a network, introducing a liquidity-focused initiative during the nascent stages of the Linea ecosystem could have posed some risks. Prematurely focusing on liquidity might have led to a concentration among a few dapps, stifling competition and reducing arbitrage with lower or less transparent market efficiency. Today, our ecosystem stands strong, featuring multiple asset classes like stablecoins, liquid staking tokens, liquid restaking tokens, and real-world assets, alongside hundreds of battle-tested dapps. This robust foundation assures us that the time is ripe for the Surge.

Embracing Our Community and Prioritizing Inclusivity

A network’s ecosystem has many parts: the end users, the builders and dapps deploying on the network, and the liquidity providers (LPs, that are still users). Connecting users to dapps has been our priority so far. We have focused on the end-users and have attracted over 700k wallets that have completed their Proof of Humanity attestations. These wallets are loyal and active participants in the ecosystem and support dapps to build better with solid feedback.

Our earliest contributors are the bedrock of our community. Nevertheless, we recognize the symbiotic relationship between LPs and dapps, and are taking a bold step toward attracting LPs to join our flourishing ecosystem by introducing LXP-L, a new token that will be allocated to LPs and will have characteristics similar to the existing LXP.  LXP-L is a soulbound, non-transferrable token and will be minted to every address that provides liquidity to Linea during the Surge, following the Surge LXP-L Model that we built together with our partner, OpenBlock.

LPs on Linea will lead to more efficient markets, benefiting both dapps and users through more opportunities on-chain. Our strong dapp ecosystem, with our incredible community and increased market liquidity will turn on a positive momentum flywheel for organic growth. This matched with the activation of the 4844 - Dencun upgrade - that brings fees down by orders of magnitude, ensures that the Linea ecosystem is on the right path to becoming a leading L2.

As we prepare our sails on the journey to decentralization, Linea Surge emerges as the final piece of the puzzle, propelling us toward an ecosystem bustling with daily on-chain activity.

A Note to Linea’s Early Adopters

Linea’s early adopters contributed to reaching the current level of TVL on the network, and they did it without any additional incentives from the network itself. And we will always remember that (never forget your OGs). For this reason, the model we prepared for the Linea Surge includes a multiplier that will provide additional LXP-L to users who have been contributing liquidity (at least 0.1ETH locked to any protocol) to Linea from its early days until the beginning of the program.

In addition, non-LP users will still be able to continue to accrue LXP with our task-based Voyages and quests run by our partner dapps. This is to ensure that Linea Surge is an inclusive part of the Voyage program and caters to participants across the spectrum, from high-net-worth individuals to retail investors to users that just want to contribute to the growth of the network by interacting with dapps, and provides an opportunity for everyone to continue to accrue points, being LXP or LXP-L.

In the end, both of these points recognize involvement from two distinctly different user bases while providing greater transparency for each cohort.

This approach ensures a balanced alignment between LXP and LXP-L. Considering the complexity of the model, it is challenging to establish precise alignment for these two types of Points. Implementing a two-points system allows us to assess the alignment retrospectively and make necessary adjustments to maintain fairness between users who contribute liquidity and those who contribute through activity.

Moreover, we will continue to provide opportunities for users to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem by performing activity-based activations on Linea dapps.

Of course, a user can collect both LXP and LXP-L!

Read more about the LXP-L Liquidity Model here.

Linea Surge: An Overview

Linea Surge is an LXP-driven program that rewards people for having assets on Linea and gives bonuses for deploying those assets into partner protocols. The program will launch in April (stay tuned on the Linea X handle) and will be accessible only for users that claim a valid referral code.

The program has six distinct “Volts”, one per month, tailored to ensure that we will have a balanced ecosystem across vertical use cases and asset classes that is able to stimulate and support the overall growth of the network. Linea Surge will run for six months, or until we reach $3B TVL, whichever comes first.

We considered 5 different verticals that will have different objective functions:

  • DEX

  • DeFi Lending Platforms

  • Decentralized Trading Platforms

  • Bridge Pools

  • Other verticals

Each vertical will contribute to accruing a number of points that will change over time using specific multipliers to ensure that we can avoid concentration of liquidity on specific use cases and contribute to the healthy growth of the Linea ecosystem.

Across the different verticals, we identified six asset classes that will have different weights or multipliers:

  • Native (ETH)

  • Stablecoins

  • LST (Liquid Staking Tokens)

  • LRT (Liquid Restaking Tokens)

  • RWA (Real World Assets)

  • Others

Each asset class will accrue a number of points that will change over time using specific multipliers or weighting functions to ensure that we can avoid concentration of liquidity on specific asset classes and contribute to the healthy growth of the Linea ecosystem.

Combined together, these 2 dimensions will render in a “Surge Heatmap” that will inform, transparently and at a very high level, which are the ways to maximize the LXP-L collection during the specific interval or Volt.

Other Mechanics to LXP-L

Time Decay: The program mechanics will also include an overall decay function to reduce by 10% at every Volt the total amount of LXP-L issued and promote early participation in the program.

Referral System: Other multipliers are related to a “referral system” to stimulate the virality of the program and a “veteran point multiplier” to attract key players in the industry across other ecosystems.

Early Adopter Modifier: This modifier rewards early activity that happened before the start of the program. This multiplier will be a constant over the time period of a single Volt (1 month) and will reduce over Volts. This is used to reward users who provided liquidity on Linea since the mainnet went live and users who will bridge active liquidity to Linea after the announcement but before The Surge program starts.

Linea Surge will be very different from all the previous Voyages. Users will be able to collect LXP-L tokens on a continuous basis. Our partner OpenBlock will monitor the Protocols and the asset classes that will be part of the program and will assign points regularly, starting from a weekly timeframe and narrowing down to a daily time frame once the data pipeline becomes more mature.

There’s no need to provide a PoH as the liquidity locked in participating protocols will be a disincentive for malicious users to try to sybil the campaign. For this reason, the LXP-L minting will be automated and will follow the schedules of Points assignment by OpenBlock.

Read our docs page to understand precisely how the Surge works from a Point Mechanics perspective.

Tracking Your Journey: The Linea Volt Dashboard

We are thrilled to introduce the Linea Volt LXP-L tracking dashboard, provided by OpenBlock.

This dashboard will empower users to track their LXP-L accrual, checking in real time the multipliers of the models assigned to specific verticals and asset classes to let anyone maximize the use of the liquidity on the network and ensuring transparency throughout the Surge experience.

On the OpenBlock dashboard, users will also be able to view the full list of the dapps participating in Linea Surge, their TVL, and the number of LXP-L generated by interacting with those dapps across the different asset classes. We want to ensure the greatest level of transparency through this experience.

This dashboard will go live in April when the Surge commences.

Let’s Amp Up

Linea Surge represents an electrifying moment in the  Grand Linea Voyage. It rewards users for being active in the on-chain economy and acknowledges anyone who participated already. With opportunities to gamify strategic asset deployment, Linea Surge offers a unique proposition for the entire Linea community and the key players that can join to become part of it. We invite you to join us in this vital, and final, step to creating a network that is truly owned and operated by the community.

Linea Surge will start in April, and we’ll be making some noise about it as we get closer to the start date.

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