Frequently Asked Questions about the Linea Voyage XP

What are Linea Voyage XP (LXP)?

Voyage XP are non-transferrable soulbound tokens distributed to recognize the community’s extraordinary contribution toward the growth of the Linea ecosystem. Whether you are a user, a startup, a dapp, or a member of the Linea team, this token will recognize and validate your commitment to Linea’s growth.

What are the benefits of LXP?

Voyage XP do not have any monetary value. Be cautious of scams: Voyage XP are non-transferable and not bridgeable to other networks. You cannot buy, sell, or swap them, nor can you accumulate them by transferring them from another wallet account.

Apart from being a measure of contribution to building Linea into a robust and secure L2 network, Voyage XP will also make owners eligible for benefits such as receiving official community roles, exclusive Linea swag, and more.

How do I claim my LXP?

Linea launched LXP alongside the ongoing DeFi Voyage.

While the DeFi Voyage is hosted on Intract, Voyagers must note that the XP shown on the Intract platform is a representation of Voyage XP. These XP collected by users and shown on Intract will be available for users to claim only after they successfully execute the Proof of Humanity (PoH) attestation through Verax.

The Linea team will retroactively allocate Voyage XP to users and dapps that participated in our prior two Voyages: the Testnet Voyage and the Entertainment Festival. The retroactive issuance will be tied to cryptographic evidence of these commitments, such as the Whitelist, Voyage NFT, Linea Gas Passes or Discord Roles obtained from these activations.

Is LXP different from Intract XP?

Yes. While the DeFi Voyage will be hosted on Intract, Voyagers must note that the XP shown on the Intract platform is a representation of Voyage XP. These XP collected by users and shown on Intract will be available for users to claim only after they successfully execute the Proof of Humanity (PoH) attestation through Verax.

Please note that wallet account binding on Intract is also distinct from wallet account binding for LXP. To bind wallets for LXP, please do so at Read more about wallet account binding below.

Where will I be able to see my LXP?

‚Äč‚ÄčAfter the successful presentation of PoH, Linea Voyage XP (or LXP) may be claimed.

Your LXP will be visible by default in the MetaMask wallet account which you have been using across Linea Voyage activations. More on this in the wallet account management section.

Proof of Humanity (PoH) and Wallet Account Management

Note: Voyage XP are NON-TRANSFERABLE. This means that once XP are collected in a wallet account, they cannot be moved. It is therefore crucial to accumulate Voyage XP in one account throughout the Linea Voyage to accurately measure your contribution to the growth of the Linea network.

How does PoH work?

Voyage XP can only be minted on accounts that can prove human ownership. This is typically done by examining your account’s historical data across multiple chains.

Users will then be able to carry out the PoH process through any of their preferred identity partners through the PoH Wave Page on the DeFi Voyage.

How do I carry out my PoH for the Linea DeFi Voyage?

To carry out PoH for DeFi Voyage, you must get on-chain attestations from available partners. Available partners can be viewed directly on the DeFi Voyage PoH Wave Page. More specifically, you will need to obtain:

  • One valid attestation from a Group A provider of your choice

  • Two valid attestations from a Group B provider of your choice

What are Group A and Group B in the context of PoH providers?

Group A are high assurance PoH attestation providers, meaning their methods are highly resistant to bots and sybils. Group B comprises methods that give lower assurance of humanity, allowing users to prove things like owning a Twitter account or having a certain amount of activity on GitHub.

I have obtained my attestations. What do I do now?

If you have already obtained your attestations, visit the DeFi Voyage PoH Wave Page, click ‚ÄúComplete your Verax verification‚ÄĚ and then ‚ÄúStart verification‚ÄĚ. Allow up to 60 minutes for verification to be performed.

How can I ensure PoH success?

If you engage with the Linea Voyage using a new account, distinguishing your activity from that of a bot will be challenging, making Proof of Humanity more complex.

We recommend designating your main account as the ‚Äúprimary account‚ÄĚ for the Linea Voyage, and accumulating your Voyage XP there. This approach simplifies the PoH process and offers the best user experience.

We understand that using your primary account may not always be practical or secure. Therefore, the Linea team developed a way to bind multiple accounts on

How do I bind my accounts?

On, you should be able to connect and set up your primary account, which must pass PoH through the Verax registry, and then designate a series of ‚Äėsecondary accounts‚Äô. These are alternative accounts that you may use across activations. Once the accounts are bound, any XP intended for your secondary accounts will be minted on your primary account.

Before binding an account, however, it is important to note that binding is an irreversible action. Once a secondary account is bound, XP will automatically accumulate in your primary account and your secondary account moving forward will not collect any XP. So consider carefully before binding!

Once the accounts are bound, Voyagers are free to engage with activations using any wallet account, including those on embedded wallets.

Do I need to execute PoH before claiming XP?

Yes, PoH is a requisite for claiming or receiving XP. This protocol is integrated to ensure that genuine users receive the maximum long-term benefits associated with Linea Voyage XP.

Is there a limited time to execute PoH before XP is allocated?

XP distribution occurs on an ad hoc basis. Participants in the DeFi Voyage are required to complete PoH within the designated PoH wave timeframe, which extends from December 06 to December 19. This is crucial for ensuring that users have finalized the PoH process to claim and receive XP.

Note: Participants of previous activations, such as The Testnet Voyage and the Entertainment Festival, must adhere to specific guidelines related to PoH completion for those festivals.The goal is to PoH the wallet accounts, not to duplicate user tasks.

Do I need to execute PoH before binding accounts?

No, wallet account binding is a separate process aimed at allowing users with multiple accounts to accumulate XP efficiently. This process is independent of the PoH completion.

Do I need to complete wallet account binding before XP is allocated?

If you want XP accumulated in a secondary account, to be minted in your primary account, you have to complete the binding before the XP minting process starts for a specific activation. Otherwise your XP will be minted to your secondary account, assuming there's a valid proof of humanity linked to it.

Is there a limited time to bind accounts before XP is allocated?

Yes, once the minting process starts, XP will be assigned to whatever wallet participated in the activations, unless the account has been bound to a separate primary account. This means that users who want to mint XP on different (Primary) accounts than the one used to participate in the activations (Secondary), must bind wallet accounts before the minting process starts.

If I have passed PoH before, do I have to do it again?

No, once PoH is associated with a specific wallet account, it remains valid as long as you continue using that account. However, if you create and use a new account not linked to your main account, you will need to complete PoH again.

If I have passed PoH, do I need to pay a fee or execute activity to keep it updated?

No, there are no additional fees or specific activities required to maintain your PoH status. However, you must confirm these details with the attestation provider.

Can I complete PoH in any country? Are any countries excluded?

PoH completion depends on the attestors involved in the attestation process. While Verax acts merely as a registry for these attestations, the completion process is subject to the rules and regulations of the attestation partners, which may vary.

Will I need to provide ID for PoH? Will my personal data be made available on-chain? How will my data be kept safe and secure?

Direct personal information is not stored on-chain. It is crucial to verify the type of information retained in the registry with the attestation provider to ensure data security.

How important is Twitter for PoH? What if my Twitter has been hacked or banned?

The role of Twitter in the PoH process varies based on the specific attestation method chosen from a provider. If you lack access to a Twitter account required for a particular attestation, alternative options should be explored. There are various attestation methods available, and it's recommended to review the options provided by attestation providers to decide the best course of action for completing PoH.

What are sybil attacks? Will human verification prevent these?

In the context of our ecosystem and for this specific purpose, a Sybil attack refers to the misuse of automated bots (Sybils) to unjustly accumulate XP, detracting from the rewards intended for genuine users. Our objective is to maximize the XP distribution to real users who contribute to the growth of the Linea network. Human verification plays a critical role in this by ensuring that only authentic users benefit from the XP system, thereby preventing the prevalence of Sybil attacks.

How does human verification align with the principle of decentralization?

Decentralization manifests in various forms within our ecosystem. For our objectives, fostering a network dominated by authentic users is essential. Human verification is a pivotal step towards ensuring a robust user base that actively participates in and shapes the future of the Layer 2 (L2) and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is a foundational element in maintaining the integrity and growth of a decentralized network by validating real user engagement.

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