Linea: Spring Thaw

Last week we opened Linea’s testnet to the public.

In the first week alone, we’ve seen 2.7M transactions, 354,000 unique wallet addresses, 75k deployed contracts, and 26k followers. We’re very proud of all the interest from our community.

Linea stats as of April 4, 2023
Linea stats as of April 4, 2023

Our first “hello world” blog post quickly minted out, so we created an open-edition commemorative NFT to celebrate Linea’s public testnet launch, and our broader excitement for zkEVM spring and the brilliant teams at Polygon, Scroll, zkSync, and Starkware who are pioneering this tech space with us.


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In order to keep fees low (and to support other Layer 2 projects in the space), we minted the NFT on Optimism. You’ll need to move a small amount of ETH *from Ethereum to Optimism to pay for the gas fee. You can do so by using the “bridge” feature in MetaMask’s Portfolio app. *

Another alternative is to buy ETH on Optimism directly in the MetaMask Extension. Just make sure you have Optimism selected as your current network and hit the 'Buy' button. Read more here.

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