Unveiling the Grand Finale: Week 6 at Linea Park

Greetings Linea fam,

We launched Linea Park five weeks ago and time has flown by fast! As Linea’s Park’s vibrant journey enters its final week, from March 28 to April 4, we stand poised to celebrate the profound impact of NFTs in reshaping digital and social landscapes. These digital assets have redefined the realism of gaming and social interactions while continuing to innovate and unveil new dimensions of digital experiences.

With the onset of Week 6, we aim to enrich this exploration further by revisiting all thematic zones and introducing an exhilarating Easter Surprise, designed to enhance user engagement and reward our community’s steadfast dedication.

Game highlights: The Digital Odyssey Continues

Week 6 offers an exciting opportunity for users to delve into a curated selection of games and platforms, each illustrating the vibrant possibilities within the NFT landscape.

zAce by Zypher Games: Embark on a strategic adventure with zACE, where gameplay depth meets immersive narratives. The game comes out of Zypher, a leader in fully on-chain gaming.

Micro3: Explore the decentralized realm of Micro3, a platform empowering artists, creators, and users. Dive into the NFT-fi space and unlock the potential of revenue sharing with this tutorial.

AlienSwap: AlienSwap is a pioneering membership-based NFT marketplace. It supports multiple chains and offers features such as bulk trading, batch listing and community-driven solutions.

Frog War 404: Join the epic saga of Didi and Bibi in “Frog Wars”, coupled with interactive mini-games. Claim your Linea Park edition comic book and Warrior NFT, and venture into battles for coveted crystals, guided by this tutorial

Trustalabs: Trustalabs is an open, trusted global identification and reputation network. It aims to build a trusted, self-sovereign, and privacy-preserving digital identity and reputation network, serving as the base layer of a more open and fair society and economy. You can get started with Trustalabs on Linea with this tutorial.

ACG Worlds: ACG Worlds is a web3 metaverse platform centred around manga and anime. It includes features that allow users to interact with iconic characters such as Astro Boy and own in-game assets as NFTs. Here is a guide to begin your journey with ACG Worlds.

Arena Games: Arena Games is a web3 gaming platform that allows game creators and players to mint NFTs, manage digital assets, and leverage blockchain technology to enhance gameplay for games and ownership experiences for players. This tutorial will show you how to claim your NFT prizes in this open ecosystem for gamers and developers.

Element Marketplace: Element is the first community-driven aggregated marketplace for buying and selling NFTs across various marketplaces. It combines liquidity aggregation and cross-marketplace listings and supports multiple chains. Explore trading on Element with this tutorial.

Bilinear: Master the art of trading NFTs with no platform fees and craft customized collections. This tutorial unravels the ease of engaging with this platform.

MemeFi Club: Merge the worlds of gaming, NFTs, and SocialFi at MemeFi Club. It is a meme-styled gaming app that combines PvP & PvE gameplay with SocialFi. Key trading, a major social element of the app, fuels the virality even further revealing the gaming utility of the Social Tech trend. Check out this tutorial to get started.

ImaginAiry NFTs: ImaginAIryNFTs is an innovative platform that uses AI to allow users to create digital art pieces and mint them as NFTs. Their vision is your prompt, your art, your NFT. Get started with this step-by-step guide or this video tutorial.

Okapi: Okapi is a web3 discovery platform for users to review and rate any decentralized entities. All reviews are authenticated by users' on-chain reputation, utilizing on-chain indexers and multiple identity providers, allowing users to trust everything they engage with. Mint your reputation badge NFT on Linea and navigate the ecosystem with trust, as outlined in this tutorial.

Easter Surprise: Celebrating Engagement and Loyalty

Linea Park has been a tremendous success so far, all thanks to the unwavering support of our incredible community. The introduction of the Alpha v3 upgrade, coupled with the fee reductions brought about by the Dencun Upgrade, has significantly propelled the web3 gaming ecosystem within Linea Park.

In recognition of this success and to further connect with our community, we are excited to announce an Easter Surprise, with the Taskmaster prize pool offered by Linea. It is a testament to our continuous efforts to enhance user satisfaction and deepen our relationships with our community. At the same time, in recognition of the Linea community's patience and contributions, some social and gaming projects would like to extend their thanks. To show their appreciation, we have specially facilitated the set up of the Jackpot Bonus Prize and Referral Appreciation Prize.

As a reminder, users need to complete their Proof of Humanity verification by April 7th to be able to claim their prizes.

The Easter Surprise will offer participants the chance to win one of three exciting prizes:

  • Taskmaster Prize: Participants who complete 70% of basic tasks will be eligible for an additional LXP drop, ranging from 150 LXP to 250 LXP. The specific details for determining this LXP drop will be shared once the Easter surprise officially begins on March 31st.

  • Jackpot Bonus Prize: This is a special prize pool for users who complete 70% of bonus tasks, provided by Linea’s social and gaming ecosystem partners. Details of this prize will be shared in the discord of the participating projects and the Layer 3 platform. There is no LXP associated with this prize.

  • Referral Appreciation Prize: In a unique collaboration between Dmail, ReadOn, and Yooldo, special rewards will be offered to those who achieve 100 referrals, highlighting the efforts of community referral efforts. Dmail, ReadOn and Yooldo will share details of this prize on their social media channels and the Layer 3 platform. There is no LXP associated with this prize.

Registration for the Easter Surprise will be open from March 31st to April 7th. We are committed to ensuring fairness and transparency in the process, with detailed verification procedures and an open-source raffle conducted by SocialScan. The results will be available to check at SocialScan, with comprehensive measures in place to enable participants to verify outcomes easily. Prize distributions will be managed directly by the dapps involved, with winners receiving clear instructions on how to claim their prizes.

Last Call: Re-explore All Theme Zones at Linea Park

To our valued voyagers: your passion and contributions to Linea and our thriving community have been awe-inspiring. As a thank you, we are excited to announce the re-opening of bonus tasks in all Theme Zones at Linea Park in Week 6. Seize this moment to fulfill your quests, earn LXP, and fully explore the breadth of Linea Park.

We have dedicated recent time to refining the user experience within Linea Park, spotlighting projects that align with this vision. Our commitment remains steadfast: to continuously enhance our ecosystem and infrastructure, for an even more engaging and enjoyable user journey.

Keep an eye out on X for the exciting Easter Surprise announcement and join us in this final week to unlock unique opportunities, engage with the community, and celebrate the incredible journey we have shared.

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