Introducing the Linea Builder Launchpad to Start your Web3 Developer Journey

We’re excited to introduce the Linea Builder Launchpad, your one-stop shop to exploring Linea developer activations. In partnership with the developer community platform, Aspecta, we've created a simple roadmap to kickstart and guide your web3 developer journey within the vibrant Linea ecosystem.

Check out the Linea Builder Launchpad to get started.

The Linea Builder Launchpad

The Linea Builder Launchpad is your guided portal to easily access what’s cooking in the Linea developer ecosystem. Here are four ways you can leverage the launchpad:

  1. *Attest to your Builder Identity
    Establish your presence in the developer world and claim your unique digital identity. We are leveraging Aspecta and Verax tech to issue attestations based on your Github activity. Receive NFTs to prove your developer skills and accomplishments and connect with other skilled developers.

  2. Join the Linea Builders Club

    Connect with like-minded creators, participate in exclusive events, and access a treasure trove of resources designed to fuel your growth. You’ll get direct access to the Linea team to help guide and mentor the projects you create!

  3. Participate in the Linea Dev Cook-Off

    Showcase your skills, learn from peers, and compete in fun, challenging coding contests. The Dev Cook-Off is a monthly hackathon designed to celebrate devs who just ship. All you need to qualify is build something related to Linea (i.e., a guide, dapp, or Dune dashboard) during that month!

  4. Access Web3 Developer Workshops

    We host weekly developer workshops with the founders and engineers building out the developer tools and infrastructure necessary to build robust dapps. You can find links to all of our latest content and skill up on what’s new in the space.

The Linea Network: A Community that Grows Together

Linea is more than just a zkEVM network for web3 developers – it’s a family of passionate builders who support and inspire one another. As you embark on your journey with us, you’ll find that learning is a continuous process, enriched by the contributions and insights of individual builders and Linea partners.

We’re excited to see how you bring your unique flair to our community. Whether it’s through participating in the Dev Cook-Off, engaging in builder discussions, or simply sharing your projects, your journey promises to be a rewarding one.

Ready to Build the Decentralized Future?

The Linea Builder Launchpad is your first step in exploring the Linea network. We can't wait to welcome you into our community and see what incredible things we can build together.

Dive into the Linea developer ecosystem today and start building not just software, but a bright future on-chain!

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