Linea: The Secure zkEVM Ecosystem Where Dapps Thrive

Imagine a world where decentralized applications (dapps) are no longer an obscure corner of the internet, but an integral part of how we interact with digital experiences. At Linea, our mission is to transform this vision into reality.

What is Linea?

Linea is the zkEVM ecosystem that empowers web3 dapps to thrive. We do this by connecting dapps to MetaMask’s native web3 users, driving ecosystem engagement, innovating technical excellence, and creating the most robust security system in web3. With over 1M monthly active users, 300 dapps, and $380M+ saved on gas fees, Linea is working toward making web3 safe and approachable for everyone.

Where Are We Today?

Linea launched on Mainnet on July 11th, 2023. Fast forward to six months later and we ended the year as the top zkEVM network in terms of total value locked, transactions per second, volume of transactions, and number of dapps. This made Linea undisputably the fastest-growing zkEVM ecosystem in 2023.

During this time, we expanded our dapp ecosystem to 299 and our user base to 3.7M. We ran two engaging Linea Voyages around gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi)—with the latter breaking several records of web3 quest participation. We also saved users over $382M in gas fees and became the second network ever to process over 1.5M account abstraction transactions.

In 2024, we aim even higher.

What is Our Mission?

In an industry evolving at the speed of light, one truth remains constant: Dapps are changing the world. Linea’s goals are driven by this compelling fact.

Dapps are the next evolution of the internet – From making up the DeFi system, to revolutionizing gaming, democratizing social media, and so much more. They will change how everyone approaches digital experiences.

We are building Linea as the secure zkEVM ecosystem that empowers dapps to thrive.

With this in mind, we have updated our mission statement.

Our mission is to make web3 safe and accessible for everyone, by cultivating an ecosystem that enables dapps to succeed and by establishing the most robust security system in web3.

How Will We Get There?

Here’s a look into our priorities for 2024 and beyond.

We are building Linea to be a home for the most innovative web3 projects, by delivering everything dapps need to build, grow, and succeed.

This means a network that enables real scalability, offers unparalleled security, and supports dapp development and growth. Linea delivers all this, and more.

Let’s dive deeper into how Linea is supporting dapps to thrive:

  • MetaMask Integration: Linea is bootstrapped by Consensys, the same parent company that incubated MetaMask, the world’s leading web3 wallet. Our unique relationship with MetaMask helps give dapps exposure to the largest and most engaged web3 native user base. This started with MetaMask featuring Linea as a preferred network within its wallet and Portfolio while Linea and MetaMask continue to explore new integrations to deliver an ecosystem where dapps thrive.

  • Ecosystem Engagement: To grow the ecosystem, onboard new users, and identify stakeholders to help the network decentralize, Linea hosts the Voyage—a series of IRL and on-chain activations that encourage users to discover exciting new web3 opportunities, explore Linea’s dapp ecosystem, and educate themselves around specific web3 themes. For dapps, these activations help increase visibility and activity, stimulating user discovery and (if they’ve done a good job) paving the road for sustainable retention. Even beyond these activations, Linea leverages its vast network to offer expanded distribution opportunities across channels.

  • Extensive Partner Support: If you’ve come to one of our IRL events or online community calls, you’ve likely met our superstar growth team. They constantly go above and beyond, giving dapps exceptional support across onboarding, troubleshooting, and everything else—including making warm introductions to other builders and Linea projects as needed.

  • Public Goods Funding: Linea will develop a program that will support the builders making web3 better and providing public infrastructure. We recognize the importance of individuals and teams contributing towards the common good of a more decentralized internet, especially regarding open-source programming.

  • Technical Excellence: Linea delivers 100% EVM bytecode compatibility, an innovative zero-knowledge prover technology, rapid transactions, gas fees orders of magnitude lower than mainnet, as well as ensures the availability of all major infrastructure and development tools—to enable dapps to build seamlessly with excellent UX. Read more on our docs site.

Excellent UX principles define the experience for end users on Linea as well. For users, Linea prioritizes frictionless bridging, on-ramps, off-ramps, rapid transactions, low fees, and most importantly, a secure web3 environment.

With the above elements, Linea aims to build the most diverse and complete dapp ecosystem, elevating the web3 experience of existing users and bringing new users safely on-chain.

Linea will become the safest place for users to interact with web3 by building the most secure zkEVM ecosystem

Linea’s approach to security is three-fold. We build on top of cryptographically secure zk infrastructure. We work with over 20 security partners to put together a full-spectrum security system. And lastly, we cultivate a security-oriented culture that ​​encourages community transparency around threats and vulnerabilities, and incentivizes our dapp partners to uphold the highest security standards.

Security Partnerships: Our security partners cover the areas of threat prevention, real-time monitoring, post-incident tracing, user protection, and trust and reputation systems.

Once these foundational and partnership systems are complete, Linea will be the safest chain from which to interact with web3.

Linea will remain committed to Ethereum core values by making concrete steps toward network decentralization.

In our five year journey to mainnet and beyond, the team behind Linea has stayed true to Ethereum core values (well articulated by Vitalik here). Bootstrapped by Consensys, one of the strongest forces behind Ethereum’s development—Linea is on the path to decentralization.

The team is currently taking steps to move the operation and further development of Linea technology beyond complete dependence on Consensys. To do this, we must ignite network growth and ecosystem success by aligning incentives and governance across a much wider range of stakeholders. Already, we are grateful to all the early adopters and Linea Voyagers who have helped get us to this point. However, we also recognize that there is much further to go.

Linea has lined up a fully-stacked 2024. But we can’t accomplish the coming ambitious milestones on our own. We stand by the belief that the Linea core team is not Linea, Consensys is not Linea, our partners are not Linea, and not even our users are Linea. Collectively, all of us together are Linea.

If you have thoughts or comments on the ideas outlined above, we want to hear them.

Reach out to us on Discord.

What’s Next?

As part of our commitment to creating an ecosystem where dapps and users thrive, we are excited to re-introduce the Linea Ecosystem Investment Alliance. LEIA is an investment syndicate of over 45+ leading venture capital firms, uniquely positioned to support the frontrunners building on Linea. This alliance enables startups to gain validated interest, dedicated capital, and seamless access to the Linea network.

LEIA is primarily focused on supporting early-stage projects looking to establish Linea as their home. Creating a vibrant Linea ecosystem remains our mission, and we invest across all sectors, including DeFi, gaming, and social applications. To know more about LEIA, visit here.

We have achieved significant milestones in our journey so far. Linea’s DeFi Voyage concluded last December. LXP has dropped.

But the grand Linea Voyage is not over.

Together, we are making strides toward network growth and decentralization.

Voyagers, buckle up and get ready to ride!

A new Voyage will open very soon.

As always, bon voyage!

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