Linea Voyage Waypoint: Road to Dencun

If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, the Ethereum Dencun Upgrade is coming up, and that’s HUGE news for Linea and the L2 landscape. But why? You might ask. EIP-4844. That’s why!

Linea gas fees are about to drop dramatically.

What is EIP-4844? TL;DR

Linea and other L2s are secure because they post their data and the ZK validity proof back to Ethereum, enabling data availability. However, posting this data back makes Linea (and every other L2) subject to expensive operating costs in the form of data storage and gas fees on Ethereum — exactly what we were trying to avoid by creating L2 scaling solutions in the first place. EIP-4844 changes this present reality.

In short, EIP-4844 introduces a new way to store data on Ethereum that significantly reduces storage costs. Eliminating that storage cost reduces Linea’s gas costs, and this is a big win that affects all L2s, dapps and teams that build on them.

You’ll want to check out this article from Consensys’ Ethereum Evolved series on EIP-4844 and look out for a video explainer series Consensys will drop in late February, featuring Ethereum Foundation core devs, to learn more about the Dencun fork and EIP-4844.

So, what’s the Linea Voyage Waypoint: Road to Dencun?

L2s are cheap, sure, but they’re still not cheap enough. Dencun is the first major milestone towards removing one of the major blockers to web3 adoption — gas fees — and that’s an event worth celebrating!

The Road to Dencun is a series of Voyage Waypoints from January to March — IRL meetups in 21 cities around the world hosted by local community leads, bringing Linea community members both new and old to celebrate what Dencun means to Linea and Ethereum at large.

We hosted our mainnet launch party at ETHCC in Paris, but recognize that both Linea and Ethereum are so much bigger than just one city — we’re global communities. So, this time around, we want to celebrate this next chapter with you, regardless of where you are! We’ll be hosting Voyage Waypoints in:

Event dates and registration links will be posted over time. Keep an eye out on Linea’s Twitter and the Linea activations page for updates and more information! Additionally, follow Linea’s Youtube account to learn more about each of our community leads and what Web3 culture looks like around the world.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive your NFT ticket and accumulate Voyage XP into the wallet of your choice, please make sure to sign in on the Blocklive registration page by connecting your wallet, or linking the wallet of your choice to your email account as these are non-transferable. Voyage XP will only be issued to attendees who scan their QR codes IRL at the event.

Further reading

Before attending a Voyage Waypoint, brush up on your knowledge of Dencun! You can get the full rundown in this Dencun Upgrade series that all covers all 8 EIPs within the fork:

We’re so excited to learn about and celebrate building out the next phase of Ethereum scalability with you!

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