Upskill and Build Dapps on the Linea Learning Track

We're super excited to share some cool news about a partnership that’s brewing between Linea, HackQuest, and Aspecta. We’ve teamed up to bring learning opportunities and innovation to all levels of web3 developers.

HackQuest is an innovative learning platform designed to help individuals enhance their web3 developer skills, offering structured learning tracks that guide developers from basic to advanced levels while empowering them with practical knowledge and hands-on experience. We’ve teamed up with them to take aspiring developers through guided projects, developing skills to launch tokens, implement NFT Dutch Auctions, and build a decentralized social dapp. Participating in this course will also give you bonus opportunities to learn more about how to build MetaMask Snaps and Farcaster frames!

Start your Linea learning journey with HackQuest. You can also find the course in Mandarin here.

HackQuest x Aspecta x Linea

We’re particularly excited about HackQuest because they’ve helped produce projects that are leading the frontier of on-chain use cases. In particular, Aspecta was born out of a HackQuest hackathon! You might be familiar with them if you leveraged their technology for proof of humanity on Linea.

Aspecta is an innovative identity ecosystem designed to bridge Web2 and Web3 technologies. It provides users with AI-generated identities, including personal webpages and soul-bound tokens, enabling seamless interaction across digital platforms. Aspecta's core services include Identity-as-a-Service, which offers tools for authentication, data querying, profiling, and personalized recommendations. This system not only enhances user experience by facilitating secure and personalized interactions, but also supports third-party applications in accessing and utilizing user data responsibly and efficiently.

So, learn with HackQuest, and attest to your builder identity through our Linea Builder Launchpad, powered by Aspecta.

Put your web3 skills to the test and earn

As always, we’ve got a Linea Dev Cook-Off this month, which is the perfect place to show off what you’ve learned, challenge yourself, and win cool prizes and swag! It’s a monthly hackathon for builders of all levels, so learn more and register now.

Submissions are due May 31st.

We’re giving out 1 ETH, an additional $500 from Dune for incorporating the Dune API, and some cool swag and custom NFTs to our winners and participants.

So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up your blockchain game, the Linea Learning Track, the Dev Cook-Off, and the Aspecta Linea Builder Launchpad are great opportunities to learn, build, and connect.

Catch you in the Cook-Off! Maybe you’ll create the next Aspecta – we’re excited to see what you build.

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