Everything You Need to Know About DapDap

In the ever-changing world of web3, the fear of missing out on the hottest trend, the next billion dollar trade, or the newest memecoin is omnipresent. This sentiment led to the birth of DapDap, born out of a critical question:

In a world of 40+ Layer 2s, thousands of Layer 2 applications, and hundreds of dapps, how can we make the web3 user journey as efficient as possible?

DapDap is your all-in-one solution for discovering, accessing, and onboarding onto the top Ethereum L2s in the market. Supporting 13 chains and over 100 decentralized applications (dapps), DapDap offers unparalleled accessibility and convenience by streamlining everything into a single interface, offering customized user journeys, and enabling access to dapps without leaving the page. Over 20,000 users have enjoyed DapDap since its launch on February 17 this year, attesting to the power of simplicity that DapDap brings to the complex space of web3.

Exploring Features on DapDap

DapDap is revolutionizing the web3 experience with features such as a powerful search function for ecosystems and dapps, quick onboarding, seamless navigation, quests, and a unique points system (PTS).

Proudly partnering with Linea from the dapp store’s inception, DapDap offers users the most streamlined way to interact with the Linea ecosystem.

Upon logging into DapDap using an invite code, users can explore Linea by typing “Linea '' in the search bar. This will unveil all the integrated dapps, the ecosystem profile, and quests relating to Linea. If you do not have an invite code, you can get one from an existing user or join the DapDap Discord to find one.

The Linea page offers detailed insights into the ecosystem, including information on the technology it uses and whether it has a native token. Furthermore, you can discover all the top projects on Linea and access them directly on DapDap. That’s right, you don’t have to open another tab and connect your wallet again.

Quick Onboarding

For those unsure where to start, DapDap’s quick onboarding demystifies the onboarding process. Users are guided through crucial on-chain activities to acquaint them with the ecosystem, supported by DapDap’s one-click execution for actions such as bridging, swapping, lending, and liquidity provisioning.

The quick onboarding page also shows you “Trends,” which are the most popular on-chain actions performed on DapDap by other users on the platform. See what’s hot on Linea and try it out for yourself. You can even bookmark your actions for other users to emulate.

Seamless Navigation

DapDap eliminates the hassle of toggling between dapps and websites for trading or liquidity provisions, consolidating core decentralized finance (DeFi) functions into a single, navigable space.

Engaging Quests

DapDap is not just about functionality but about having fun. DapDap’s quests page is dedicated to custom social and on-chain actions that are rewarded with native DapDap points (PTS) upon completion. Discover DeFi on a new ecosystem or explore different features on DapDap, earn PTS, and compete with your friends on the Leaderboard.

Introducing DapDap Odyssey: Onboarding Gamified

DapDap’s latest product, DapDap Odyssey, comes with additional benefits for Linea users for the next three weeks. Odyssey is a transformative experience designed to redefine the traditional approach to user onboarding and engagement. Odyssey will come with a gamified ‘Spin-to-Win’ feature, aligning with DapDap's vision to serve as the ultimate Attention Layer for the market.

In Odyssey: ’Uncharted Realms’ we invite our users to explore the carefully crafted selection of Ethereum L2s across esteemed ecosystem partners: Linea, Base, Manta, Scroll, and zkSync.

The idea of Spin-to-Win is simple: spin the machine and get as many matching icons as possible. The more matches you get, the more PTS you win!

  • Three-of-a-Kind: Win 100 PTS for three identical icons

  • Four-of-a-Kind: Win 500 PTS for four identical icons

  • Special Prize: Win 1,000 PTS for all five L2 icons (Linea, Manta, zkSync, Base, Scroll)

  • Grand Prize: Win 10,000 DapDap PTS with five matching icons

You can get more spins if you engage with quests from DapDap's partner ecosystems such as Linea, perform simple on-chain actions on DapDap, or share your Odyssey journey on social media to dap up your friends.

Odyssey Volume 2: Beyond Linea

Looking ahead, Odyssey Volume 2 aims to deep dive into the Linea DeFi ecosystem. Expect two weeks of curated quests, featuring all of Linea’s top protocols, as we continue to Spin-to-Win.

Stay Connected with DapDap and Linea

DapDap is your universal gateway into Ethereum L2s. The platform offers a seamless and accessible interface that streamlines navigation across the world of DeFi and presents it under a single UI. With support for over 150+ dapps, DapDap boasts a comprehensive list of services, featuring trading, liquidity management, asset bridging, and more.

Moreover, recognized for its functional and zero-fee Uniswap v3 gateway, DapDap has become the preferred choice for Decentralised Front-end-as-a-Service (DFaaS)— making interactions across Ethereum L2s effortless and engaging for all users.

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