Arkham on Linea: Simplifying Blockchain Knowledge

Knowledge is Power

The age-old saying “knowledge is power” holds true, especially in the rapidly innovating industry of decentralized finance (DeFi). The open nature of blockchains presents both huge opportunities and catastrophic risks. Having a clear picture of on-chain activity is crucial.

Blockchains may be transparent, but making sense of all those transactions requires expertise. As much of the activity on-chain is financial, having clear visibility into the actions of wallet-controlling entities (individuals, large holders or “whales”, and even VC firms) can be a valuable source of information or protection.

Historically, the Ethereum community has benefited from the white-hat work of renowned sleuths like @ZachXBT, who have helped many protect themselves and recover their funds. However, this does little to help the average, non-technical user who also deserves accessible information about on-chain activity.

This is where Arkham Intelligence comes in. It is a revolutionary platform that makes it easy to get intelligence on the addresses, entities, or assets that are the most important to you. We’re excited to announce they now offer full support and visibility on Linea. Now, it’s easier than ever to run your analytics, spin up dashboards, or set alerts based on key information.

Source: Arkham Intelligence
Source: Arkham Intelligence

Arkham’s Journey to Innovation

The development of Arkham Intelligence was driven by the clear need to enhance transparency within the DeFi ecosystem. Recognizing the complexity and opaqueness of blockchain transactions, the Arkham team created a platform to simplify these processes. The platform facilitates transaction tracking, portfolio management, and entity identification, catering to the needs of both novice and experienced users.

A significant hurdle in Arkham Intelligence's development was ensuring the platform could adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology and DeFi applications. To this end, Arkham introduced proprietary AI technology, Ultra, which synthesizes on-chain and off-chain data and offers real-time analytics. Ultra sets a new standard for accuracy and reliability in DeFi intelligence.

Collaboration played a pivotal role in refining Arkham Intelligence's offerings. By partnering with key players in the DeFi ecosystem, Arkham broadened its data spectrum, enhancing the depth and accuracy of its analytics. These partnerships also provided critical feedback, helping to identify the most valuable features for users and prioritizing development efforts accordingly. As a result, Arkham Intelligence is live on 11 networks (including BTC) and is a tool that serves its users' needs by providing clear and actionable insights.

What’s Possible with Arkham on Linea

All existing Arkham features are live on Linea. Here’s a short list of what you can do.

  1. Examine Linea Entities and track their wallet holdings. Start by plugging in an address you’d like to learn more about on the Arkham platform.

  2. You can watch live bridging, swaps, and lending activity on Linea.

  3. Search for on-chain transactions and monitor activity in real-time

  4. Set alerts and visualizations for prominent funds, exchanges and individuals with funds on Linea.

Deep Dive into Any Address or Entity

With over 300M labels and 150,000 entity pages, Arkham provides detailed intelligence on tokens, protocols, ENS, addresses, or even VC firms. A simple search yields detailed transaction history, and portfolio analytics. All you need to do is plug in the name or address you want to learn more about, and a wealth of information is at your fingertips to analyze or spin into custom dashboards.

Source: Arkham Intelligence
Source: Arkham Intelligence

In this example, we’ve searched for Syncswap, a leading DEX on Linea. After filtering the network list to Linea, we have a clear view of the protocol level balances.

Observe Real-Time Activity

Arkham’s intuitive interface offers a real-time perspective on Linea's DeFi ecosystem, tracking live transactions as they happen. Whether you're interested in the flow of assets across bridges, the dynamics of swap transactions, or the nuances of lending activities, Arkham offers a panoramic view of these operations. This feature equips users to stay informed, spot emerging trends, and identify potential market opportunities or risks.

Arkham's interface is designed for clarity and ease of use, ensuring that even those new to blockchain technology can confidently navigate the complexities of on-chain activities.

Source: Arkham Intelligence
Source: Arkham Intelligence

In this example, @ArkhamIntel has a spotlight on one of the largest bridge transactions in Linea’s history.

Search/monitor/set alerts for real-time activity

Arkham Intelligence simplifies tracking on-chain transactions and monitoring activities in real time on Linea. This is particularly beneficial for those looking to keep abreast of the fast-evolving DeFi space, where timely information can be the difference between capitalizing on opportunities or missing them. The platform's intuitive search functionality allows users to delve into the specifics of transactions, entities, or addresses.

Moreover, Arkham Intelligence enhances user experience by offering the tools to set alerts and create visualizations tailored to monitor prominent funds, exchanges, and individuals with significant holdings on Linea. By setting customized alerts, users can receive notifications about specific events or activities that match their criteria, ensuring they remain informed of significant developments as they happen. The visualization feature complements this by providing a graphical representation of on-chain activities, offering insights into transaction patterns and relationships that might not be immediately apparent through data alone.

Source: Arkham Intelligence
Source: Arkham Intelligence

Setting up your alert is simple.

  1. Enter the address or name of the entity you want to get alerts for

  2. Click the bell icon, which will take you to the interface in the screenshot above.

  3. Give your alert some details, based on exactly what you want to know.

  4. Create Alert!

Arkham: A Growing Platform for On-Chain Mastery

Arkham Intelligence has transformed how blockchain data is perceived and utilized. The platform has quickly become essential for millions of users, including more than 3000 leading market makers, exchanges, and service providers. This is a tool for everyone on-chain.

Arkham Intelligence equips its users with sophisticated self-regulation tools and deep analytical capabilities, leading to a well-informed community. These features are crucial in promoting transparency and accountability, essential attributes for the health and growth of the ecosystem. Additionally, community-driven initiatives like Intel-to-Earn and the Arkham Intel Exchange incentivize participation and cultivate a culture of contribution and collaboration. These elements combine to solidify Arkham Intelligence’s position as an indispensable resource for novice and experienced participants in DeFi.

Source: Arkham Intelligence
Source: Arkham Intelligence

Looking to get started? Check out the Linea Overview Dashboard created by the Arkham team to get an unparalleled summary of core on-chain activity.

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