WeFi Offers Meta Bridge on the Linea Network

In the dynamic world of decentralized finance (DeFi), WeFi Protocol offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities encompassing bridging, swapping, lending, leverage trading, and token staking. One of its major products is the WeFi bridge, a meta bridge designed to find the optimal route for providing bridging at the lowest cost and in the shortest timeframe.

The WeFi Bridge

Operated on layerzero architecture, the first version of the bridge facilitates the transfer of assets, such as ETH, between Ethereum and various Layer 2 chains like Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and more. This addresses a crucial aspect of DeFi, where users often get confused about choosing the right bridge for secure, cost-effective, and swift transactions. WeFi stands out by scouting multiple bridges such as Stargate, Celar, Router and other networks offering the best possible execution.

WeFi on Linea

WeFi strategically chose Linea as its launchpad due to Linea's impressive Total Value Locked (TVL), currently at $145M. Also,  Linea is driven by the philosophy of "you are as good as your ecosystem," actively supports protocols building on its platform, providing prompt assistance and fostering a collaborative environment.

The WeFi Product Suite: More Than Just DeFi

WeFi is not merely a decentralized leverage trading protocol; it's a diverse suite of products offering opportunities for all users:

  1. Lend: Explore lending opportunities with single-sided liquidity pools that avoid impermanent loss common in decentralized exchanges (DEXes).

  2. Leverage Trade: For adventurous traders, WeFi offers leveraged trading options with 80% less interest than other DeFi protocols.

  3. Swap: Effortlessly swap hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including ETH, USDC, and BTC, at the best prices, eliminating the hassles of traditional exchanges.

  4. Bridge: Seamlessly connect and transfer assets across 13 different blockchains, providing easy access to assets across the crypto spectrum.

Linea Network's Revolutionary Features

Linea Network stands out in the blockchain universe, revolutionizing the future of decentralized systems through its commitment to decentralization, robust security, user-centric design, innovative scalability, interoperability, community-driven development, and environmental sustainability.


The launch of WeFi on Linea marks a paradigm shift in the realm of decentralized finance. By leveraging Linea's innovative features, WeFi provides users with a secure and scalable platform to explore the limitless possibilities of DeFi. With Linea, the future of decentralized finance looks brighter than ever. Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of finance on the blockchain together.

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