Safeguarding Dapps and Users with Linea

At Linea, we pride ourselves as making an ecosystem where decentralized applications (dapps) truly flourish. We host some of the most innovative web3 projects, and our core philosophy revolves around nourishing their success. We understand that a dapp’s triumph is synonymous with catering to a diverse, rapidly expanding user base. Thus, we focus on fostering a secure realm for users, an indispensable element of our comprehensive security blueprint.

In our relentless pursuit of utmost user protection, we have teamed up with some of the most reputable entities within the space. In this final part of our series on Linea’s full-spectrum security, let’s look into our collaborations with trusted partners that help us fortify our security offerings and provide a robust shield against potential threats.

Wallet Plugins

As a way to safeguard our users, we have partners that users can integrate with their wallets to protect themselves. For example, for users accessing Linea via MetaMask, we have enabled the necessary infrastructure to allow Blockaid to detect malicious smart contracts on the wallet. Blockaid is a web3 security firm that offers security features such as transaction verification, which allows users to check if a transaction is malicious before they sign it. As a testament to their robust mechanisms, they were able to protect over $100,000 worth of assets from being stolen in a 2023 hack involving Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter account.

Users who have Blockaid’s protection enabled in their wallets are alerted as soon as they try to sign a transaction from a malicious dapp or phishing site. To learn more about this feature on MetaMask, read here.

We also have partnerships with GoPlus, Hapi and ChainPatrol to scan the Linea network for vulnerabilities. GoPlus offers a MetaMask Snap that allows users insight into their transactions and smart contracts, and this allows users to do their research and homework to ensure that the transaction they are signing or the smart contract they are interacting with is legitimate. Meanwhile, ChainPatrol is integrated into our ETH Phishing Detect list to help us block phishing sites and malicious dapp sites before making connections.

Together, with our partners, we assure our users of a dependable defence line against potential threats, delivering a secure user experience.

Social Security Layer

On-chain reputation management signals a shift toward a security-oriented culture on the social layer. This adoption holds the key to propelling trust within the ecosystem. We’re still far from decentralized social reputation protocols that will radically change the game, but we have forged alliances with trailblazers like dappSheriff and Okapi that are working to progressively reach this goal, step by step.

Already today, both dappSheriff and Okapi rely on feedback, reviews, on-chain data and user-generated content to provide feedback to dapps. Users can connect their wallets with dappSheriff and leave reviews and feedback on various dapps and contracts, and this feedback is available for other web3 users and builders to peruse. Through these dapps, users can get feedback not only on the security of the different dapps but also their features, UX design, and other things.

Through these collaborations, we aim to integrate their unique solutions with Linea, fostering a fortified, trust-optimized platform.


By focusing on wallet security, vulnerability scanning, and leveraging the Linea community on the social layer in a clear and accessible way , we provide a holistic security framework that supports the dynamic needs of our community. Our efforts underline the importance of proactive protection measures and the value of community feedback in shaping a safe and thriving dapp environment.

As we continue to evolve alongside the web3 space, our mission remains clear: to offer an unparalleled, secure platform where decentralized applications can reach their full potential. Linea is not just a platform; it's a safeguarded haven for innovation, providing the tools and partnerships necessary for users and developers to confidently navigate the decentralized web.

Explore Linea’s Full-Spectrum Security

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