Join the May Dev Cook-Off with Linea

April flew by and we’re thrilled for another Dev Cook-Off in Linea steeped with hacking and learnings to help web3 developers build on Linea, win prizes, and connect with our team and other builders. Our April Cook-Off was a huge success with over 500 registrants and 30+ submissions, and we can’t wait to see what you builders build next.

You can claim builder NFTs, and join the Linea Builders Club through Aspecta.

Register for the hackathon!

What’s new for the May Dev Cook-Off?

For the May Dev Cook-Off, the submission criteria remains largely the same – start a new project, brush off an old one, or show us what you’re continuing to build every month! However, we have some new tracks for you to explore the breadth of what’s possible on Linea.

$500 USD Dune API pool prize

Dune is crypto's data platform. Teams and individuals alike use Dune to explore, query, access, and export blockchain data. Dune's community of data engineers, devs, researchers, and analysts use the platform to gain deeper insights into blockchain activity. Dune provides organized, decoded and human-readable blockchain data, across 30+ chains and 1.5M+ datasets.

We’re thrilled to announce that Dune is sponsoring an additional $500 in prizes to the top 5 projects that incorporate Dune API.

If you don’t know where to start, try building a Farcaster Frame! Here is a sample repo and a quick tutorial on how to use Dune API to build a Farcaster frame checking your LXP points. Jackie, the Dune developer advocate, is always available if you need help with finding an endpoint for data or want to bounce ideas. You can find her contact info on Telegram, Warpcast, and Twitter.

Please note that this Dune API track is a separate track than building Dune dashboard, which will qualify for the general 1 ETH pool prize.

Important resources:

  • How to build in Linea with Dune API (repo and tutorial)

  • Documentation: The official documentation provides detailed guides and tutorials on using Dune Analytics.

  • API Docs: The API documentation provides detailed information on how to access blockchain data programmatically using Dune's API.

  • YouTube : The Dune YouTube channel features video tutorials and demos of the platform.

  • Blog: The Dune blog features articles, case studies, and updates about the platform.

  • Twitter: Follow Dune on Twitter for the latest news and announcements.

The data must flow! shortcut track

If you haven’t heard, has integrated into Linea! Onthis is a no-code tool for building on-chain. Their mission is to bring in the next billion users by empowering on-chain users to become builders.

Right now, anyone can build a bridge and swap short-cut for Linea using their no-code tool! You can check out their tutorial here. There are a lot of ways you can be creative, even if you’re not a dev. We’re excited to see what kind of shortcuts you’re inspired to build.

Skill up for the May Dev Cook-Off

As always, we’re excited to bring you opportunities to build out your Web3 developer skills. This month we’ve partnered with HackQuest and Aspecta to develop the Linea Learning Track. In this track, you’ll be able to:

  • Practice Solidity fundamentals

  • Learn about Linea architecture

  • Build a NFT Dutch auction, Farcaster frame, and decentralized social app

  • Bonus! Build a MetaMask snap

Additionally, we’ll be hosting workshops with our two track partners May 8 and 9 to show you how to compete for our Dune and Onthis tracks:

Keep an eye out on Twitter and this blog for the full release!

Happy hacking Linea builders!

Don’t forget to register for the Cook-Off here. You can find more details on our hackathon page.

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