Everything You Need To Know About Linea Voyage: The Surge

An FAQ-style guide to help you get started with providing liquidity on Linea.

What is Linea Surge?

Linea Surge is a groundbreaking program aimed at turbocharging the Linea ecosystem by attracting Total Value Locked (TVL), engaging DeFi enthusiasts, and enhancing overall network participation. It’s designed to strengthen the ecosystem as we move towards decentralization, providing more opportunities for users and decentralized applications (dapps) alike. Linea Surge will start in April.

Why was Linea Surge introduced?

It was initiated to leverage the matured state of the Linea ecosystem, which now features a diverse range of asset classes and hundreds of battle-tested dapps. Linea Surge aims to bring in additional liquidity and participants at a stage where the ecosystem can support and benefit from such growth, ensuring a balanced and competitive market.

Who can participate in Linea Surge?

Linea Surge is inclusive and invites participation from everyone in the DeFi space - from large-scale liquidity providers to retail users. There are no floor limits on the liquidity locked on Linea protocol to start collecting LXP-L points.

How does Linea Surge benefit the Linea community and ecosystem?

Linea Surge is expected to enhance market efficiency by attracting liquidity providers to join the ecosystem. This leads to more opportunities for users and dapps, fostering a positive momentum that benefits everyone involved. It highlights our commitment to rewarding early adopters and continuous participants, ensuring a robust and active on-chain economy.

What are the ‘Volts’ in Linea Surge?

‘Volts’ refer to the different epochs within the Linea Surge program, each lasting for one month. They are needed to phase out the campaign. In case we reach the upper limit of $3B of TVL, the campaign will continue until the end of the current Volt. Each Volt will also change the points multipliers across vertical use cases and asset classes to stimulate healthy growth of the ecosystem and avoid concentration of liquidity in specific verticals and asset classes.

How can I track my participation and rewards in Linea Surge?

Participants can use the Linea Volt LXP-L tracking dashboard, provided and hosted by OpenBlocks. This dashboard will go live in April when the Surge commences.

The dashboard is designed to provide transparency to the program, track all protocols/dapps onboarded, their TVL increases, the number of points generated across the board and list LXP-L issued to every address of the network. Users can track the amount of LXP-L they collected during this program, ensuring transparency and engagement throughout the Surge experience.

How can I collect LXP-L?

There are two core components to collecting LXP-L once the Surge starts. Holding specific assets in your wallet on Linea, or actively deploying assets onto designated protocols.

Read our docs for further information.

Is there an end goal for Linea Surge?

Linea Surge will run across six Volts or until a predetermined TVL of $3B is reached, whichever comes first. The ultimate goal is to boost the ecosystem’s growth and prepare it for a successful transition towards decentralization, fostering an organically flourishing DeFi network and improving the overall user experience.

Can new users join the Linea Surge program?

Absolutely! Linea Surge welcomes new participants at any stage of the program. New users can join by engaging with the designated tasks and protocols as outlined in the participation details, benefiting from the structured rewards and incentives designed to suit a variety of user needs. To join the program and start the liquidity tracking on the OpenBlocks dashboard, users will need to obtain and use a referral code from an existing participant.

What is LXP-L? What is its relationship to LXP?

LXP-L is a soulbound token used to track the contributions of liquidity to Linea. This approach ensures a balanced alignment between LXP and LXP-L. Considering the complexity of the model, it is challenging to establish precise alignment for these two types of activities within a single-point system. Implementing a two-points system allows us to assess the alignment retrospectively and make necessary adjustments to maintain fairness between users who contribute liquidity and those who contribute through activity. We are thinking about our community of Voyagers in the long run, so LXP-L was a better choice.

Is Linea PoH required for Linea Surge?

There’s no need to provide a PoH as the liquidity locked in participating protocols will be a disincentive for malicious users to try to sybil the campaign. Simply put, a user must have liquidity to collect LXP-L, and there is no way to game the system by distributing liquidity across more than one address.

How is the LXP-L amount determined?

We worked with OpenBlocks, the industry leader in points design to develop the Linea Surge model to create a game system that will create strong liquidity allocations to support our rapidly growing ecosystem. LXP-L amount is determined by the total value of liquidity and what you do with it. Users can hold it in their wallet or deploy it into various protocols at the potential for higher risk, but more LXP-L per period.

Multipliers that will influence the number of points will be dynamic and change over time to ensure a healthy growth of the ecosystem. Users can use the heatmap on OpenBlocks dashboard, which will abstract the multipliers complexity, to understand which verticals and asset classes will have a bigger weight in the LXP-L distribution

Read our docs page for a detailed understanding.

Which dapps can I use for the Surge?

Pay attention to our socials for announcements as we onboard different ecosystem dapps. We’ll publish a comprehensive list once protocols have finished integrations and the Surge begins. We are committed to security and we want to use this program to improve the security culture at the ecosystem level. For this reason, there will be selection criteria for the dapps/protocols that will be included in the program. Criteria will be around UX and Security measures (verified audit reports, real-time exploit detection systems).

For more detailed information on Linea Surge and how to participate, read our blog or docs page. To stay updated with Linea, follow us on Mirror, Twitter, Lens, Farcaster, and Discord.

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