Celebrating Six Months: Linea’s Mainnet Launch and Beyond

Today marks the six-month anniversary of Linea’s mainnet launch, an audacious project we undertook in July 2023. Since the launch, we are thrilled to have outpaced all other zkEVMs in terms of total value locked, transactions per second, the volume of transactions, and the number of decentralized applications (dapps) on the network.

Our strides in the Layer 2 (L2) space back in March 2023 were met with an incredible response from early partners and testnet users. Since then, the community has grown remarkably. Today, over 3.7M users are experiencing the benefits Linea offers, including its scalability, security and cost-effectiveness.

Beyond growth in numbers, our optimism for a scalability revolution on Ethereum remains intact. More so as we look back at how far we have come in the last half a year.

One groundbreaking highlight was the successful completion of Linea’s Mainnet Alpha release. By the time the launch was completed in August, we had set new industry standards by becoming the fastest-growing zkEVM. This title is one we proudly uphold. Our effectiveness is reflected by the numbers. As it stands, the Linea ecosystem consists of an impressive 299 dapps. We have successfully executed over 36.5M transactions, saving over $382M in gas fees.

The Linea Ecosystem: Prioritizing Dapps and Security

At the heart of the Linea ecosystem is its robust network of dapps. The vibrant ecosystem now supports all primitives of decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure. Simultaneously, we are seeing a surge in the number and range of gaming, social, and social finance (SociaFi) use cases.

Security remains at the forefront of our undertakings. From comprehensive smart contract audits, bug bounties, bridge and ecosystem monitoring, to setting up trust and reputation systems, every measure ensures Linea is the safest place to interact with web3.

Over the past six months, we have seen significant improvements in our tools, thanks to our development-oriented partners. From oracles and data providers to embedded wallets, devtooling, SDK, and token gating, our tooling and infrastructure have been on an upward trajectory.

We organized three successful Voyages – the Linea Voyage, the Linea Entertainment Festival, and the Linea DeFi Voyage – each marking monumental milestones. Each voyage took us on an exciting journey, with our most recent DeFi Voyage setting records for web3 quest participation. This was reflected in our transaction volume during the DeFi voyage, which briefly surpassed Bitcoin and almost matched Ethereum Layer 1 volume.

We are proud to have launched several NFT collections on Linea. Our maiden collection for the Linea Voyage sparked one of the largest collective on-chain actions in Ethereum's history. A big shout out to the communities of creators—who now call Linea home.

Community Engagement and Unique Initiatives

In collaboration with our valued partners, we assisted in the roll-out of Verax—an on-chain attestation registry that focuses on human-centred on-chain activities. Verax has since served as a gateway for dapps and protocols to verify the humanity of their users as they implement new use cases.

To recognize our community’s contribution to the success of Linea, we launched the Linea Voyage XP (LXP). The non-transferable soulbound tokens do not have any monetary value but make owners eligible for benefits such as receiving official community roles, exclusive Linea swag, and more.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this milestone, we are fired up to announce the first minting date for LXP! DeFi Voyagers should ensure their account has completed their Proof of Humanity verification here before 12 pm CET on Monday, January 22nd.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to our stellar community. Your unwavering support and love continue to drive us towards greater heights.

As we forge ahead into a promising 2024, our goal is to progressively decentralize Linea, empower our diverse community, uplift dapp success, and continue to deliver in terms of scalability, lower fees, and top-class security as we spearhead web3 adoption and utility. The future is promising for Linea, and we can't wait to continue this exciting voyage with you.

Expect Big Things!

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