Welcome to Linea Park: Where Your Web3 Gaming Adventures Begin

Gm Linea community,

We are thrilled to welcome you to Linea Park, Linea’s flagship ecosystem set to revolutionize web3 gaming and social decentralized applications (dapps) in 2024.

The latest of Linea’s voyages, Linea Park follows the roaring success of the Fall 2023 Linea Entertainment Voyage. The first Entertainment Voyage attracted over 114,000 unique users and amasses 11M page views. Now, Linea Park is gearing up to redefine the web3 space with an improved, rebranded experience that promises fun, engagement, and rewards.

What is Linea Park?

Linea Park represents the pinnacle of web3 gaming and social dapps, a vibrant and dynamic space where users can discover, engage, and enjoy cutting-edge projects while earning Linea LXP. It is not just a platform, but a community-driven adventure designed to make web3 accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

The adventure will launch on February 20th, 2024, 9 am EST and will go on for six weeks, until April 2nd, 2024. Our quest partner for Linea Park is Layer3 and they have helped us set up a fully virtual world where you can explore all the exciting aspects of gaming and web3 socials.

You can participate in this latest Linea voyage here.

Diving Into Linea Park

Linea Park will feature 10 distinct zones, each crafted to enhance your voyage. With four Administrative Zones to guide you and six Theme Zones filled with immersive quests, there is something for every adventurer. We will open a new Park zone for exploration each week, leading you on a journey that traverses the exciting themes of RPG and MMO, action and strategy, social, mini-games, NFTs, and numerous surprises!

Let’s get into the details about each zone:

Administrative Zones

  • Park Entrance: This zone is your gateway to adventure. It will act as an informational hub where you can learn about the Park’s operations, complete the Proof of Humanity (PoH) process, and receive essential education on wallet security. You will need to fulfill the tasks assigned in this zone to be able to progress to the other zones.

  • VIP Zone: The VIP Zone in Linea Park provides exclusive perks and privileges to users who have reached specific milestones during their participation in the past Linea Voyage. Upon achieving VIP status, you'll receive a redemption coupon to double your LXP earnings in the quests.

    There are three tiers in this zone. To be a Tier 1 VIP, you need to either possess a Testnet Voyage NFT (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta editions only) or have more than 1700 LXP in your wallet. If you qualify for this tier, you will get three ‘coupons’ that will allow you to get double the LXP of your next bonus task. Tier 2 VIP status is for Linea Voyagers that hold at least 1200 LXP in their wallet. This tier gets two ‘coupons’ that will allow you to get double the LXP of your next bonus task. You can be a Tier 3 VIP if you hold at least 600 LXP in your wallet. This tier gets one ‘coupon’ that will allow you to get double the LXP of your next bonus task.

  • Referral Zone: This is where you can spread the word about Linea Park and earn rewards. Invite friends and gain LXP for each successful referral. You can earn 15 LXP for 2 referrals, 30 LXP for 5 referrals, 50 LXP for 10 referrals, 75 LXP for 20 referrals, 100 LXP for 50 referrals, 150 LXP for 100 referrals and 200 LXP for 200 or more referrals. The maximum number of LXP that you can earn through referrals is 200. The LXP are non-cumulative. For example, if you refer 10 friends, you will only collect 50 LXP.

    Please note that all referrals must be verified by PoH for users to receive LXP for their referrals. If you refer a friend to Linea Park, you must also pass PoH.

Theme Zones

  • World of RPG and MMO: If you are a gamer, you are no stranger to role-playing games (RPGs) and multi-player online (MMO) games. The first themed zone to open in Linea Park will be dedicated to these two crucial elements of gaming. In this zone, you can step into the expansive world of web3 games where new perspectives and social connections await.

  • Action and Strategy Arcade: This is not your average mall arcade or corner PC Bang! In this zone, you will be forced to test your strategic acumen in high-stakes games.

  • Social World: Web3 is all about community and we designed this zone to ensure that you can connect with fellow builders and players on this journey. Explore dapps focusing on messaging, social networking, and community-building experiences.

  • Experience the East: Dive into unique gameplay and fantasy elements that are often unique to games from the Eastern Hemisphere. This zone will introduce you to games that bring more color, fantasy, and interesting gameplay to digital content.

  • Mini-Game Gala: In this zone, you will celebrate mini-games, which are often the gateway to gaming ecosystems.

  • NFT Land: NFTs play a pivotal role in web3 and this zone is all about exploring their interplay with social and gaming. It will be a blend of marketplaces and games centred around NFTs, offering minting and trading experiences.

Each week, as we will unveil a new park zone, the games and dapps featured in the zone will introduce quests. These quests will include two tasks – a basic task and a bonus task –  where you can win LXP. The bonus task will be available for only a limited time during the week. However, if you miss the bonus task, you will get one more chance to complete it and win LXP in the last week of the quest, when will reopen all the Theme zones.

The basic tasks (with LXP associated) will remain available throughout the entire Voyage period, along with additional tasks to enhance your gaming experience. These additional tasks offer exclusive rewards from the dapps themselves, adding to the fun, although they do not offer LXP.

Week 1 Spotlight: The World of RPG and MMO

The first week of Linea Park will launch on February 20th, 9 am EST with an exploration of the fascinating world of RPG and MMO. Experience blockchain gaming like never before, with dapps leveraging Linea’s zk-rollup technology to deliver unsurpassed performance, scalability, and lower transaction costs. From Battlemon to Space Falcon, immerse yourself in a host of games designed to captivate and entertain.

Let’s take a look into the games that we have planned for you this week:

  • Meta Apes: Meta Apes is a free-to-play, win-to-earn MMO strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has ended and Apes rule. Next on the agenda is space domination. Each primate will have to work closely with their Gang to become the strongest Clan and win the ultimate race to space. Play this game for a chance to earn NFT relics that enhance your in-game abilities and NFT community badges. You can refer to this starter guide to begin playing and check out this gameplay guide to learn more. Read this tutorial to get all the details you need for the Meta Apes tasks in Linea Park.

  • The Unfettered: The Unfettered is an AA-quality soulslike RPG developed with cutting-edge technology of Unreal Engine 5. The unique story of the game revolves around the main character Lura, who is the last hope of Ashtanna's salvation! The Unfettered is the main game of The Unfettered Ecosystem that integrates blockchain solutions into its games for a seamless web3 experience. Here is a quest walkthrough to help you be better prepared for the game, and more information on how to download and play the game.

  • Space Falcon-Aviatrix: Space Falcon is a gaming studio and startup with multiple titles in development, scaling the web3 gaming experience and revolutionizing virtual adventures with GameFi initiatives. As part of Linea Park, you can download their game, Aviatrix, and get an NFT while doing so. Check out this tutorial for a detailed walkthrough of Aviatrix’s gameplay in Linea Park.

  • Rinku - Gamerboom: GamerBoom is an intent-centric gaming social platform designed for the digital-native generation. They aim to bridge web2 and web3 gaming with innovative gamified designs, preserving the appeal of traditional games while expanding the reach of web3 to mainstream gamers. Here is a tutorial to prepare you for their tasks for Linea Park.

  • TownStory Galaxy: TownStory Galaxy is a captivating web3 social management game where players build and customize their virtual towns, engaging with a global community. It combines the charm of social interactions with the innovation of blockchain technology, offering unique gameplay elements like NFT trading and on-chain activities. As part of Linea Park, you will get a chance to mint your own exclusive NFT when you create your TownStory Galaxy account. You can read more about the game here, and watch a welcome video here. Here are some more videos that explain the main features of the game.

  • Sidus Heroes - Nidum: Sidus Heroes is a turn-based, arena battler, accessible via WebGL browsers on any device and featuring PvP battles with up to three characters on each side. This cornerstone game involves the fierce convergence of three warlike races in arenas filled with intensity. Built on a Layer 2 solution, the concept is based on a module economy. Check out this video for a demo of the game.

Please note that you do not need to register ahead of time to participate in the first week of Linea Park. You will be able to participate on the quest platform, Layer 3, once Linea Park opens at 9 am EST on February 20, 2024. The best part of Linea Park? You do not have to go on this adventure-filled journey alone! Invite friends to join in the fun and earn LXP. Complete the PoH process and harness the power of referrals to make your adventure even more rewarding.

Let’s Go on an Adventure

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable voyage into the heart of web3 gaming with Linea Park. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or just web3-curious, an extraordinary experience awaits. Join us as we embark on a journey to reshape the digital landscape of play and social interaction.

See you at Linea Park!

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