Explore Web3 Social & Gaming with the Linea Entertainment Festival

The Festival is a social and gaming extravaganza aimed at exploring online gaming on L2s, and expanding Linea’s gaming ecosystem.

Hello Linea fam,

Right from Linea’s launch, we have looked towards you, the web3 community, to ascertain the limits of the usability of the layer 2 (L2) network. We began the journey with the Linea Voyage, which helped us stress test the network and make it mainnet ready. It also gave us an insight into the fantastic community of Linea users that we can rely on to push the boundaries of innovation possible on L2s.

We are now back with another set of exciting challenges for you: the Linea Entertainment Festival. The Festival is a social and gaming extravaganza aimed at exploring gaming, a different form of content creation on L2s.

L2s are a game-changer for online gaming, as they address some crucial challenges that affect gameplay quality. These networks help optimize the way data is transmitted between players and game servers: by minimizing the time required to send data packets between players and game servers, they enable real-time interactions and faster response time in fast-paced online games. This real-time data transmission leads to a smoother gameplay.

Since L2s have a high bandwidth for data sharing, they allow for smoother gameplay through large amounts of data transfers in games that are multiplayer and need to broadcast or multicast to all the players. Even in local gaming setups, where players are situated physically close to each other, L2s are great since they offer extremely low-latency connections.

What is the Linea Entertainment Festival?

The Entertainment Festival is a means to expand Linea’s gaming ecosystem, and promote gaming community engagement on the network.

To deliver the exciting tasks in the Entertainment Festival, Linea has partnered with leading players in the gaming sector – DeGame, the world’s largest NFT gaming aggregator; Particle Network, a leading full-stack infrastructure platform that simplifies Web3 app development with seamless authentication and wallet infrastructure solutions; Project 12 (P12) is a reputable web3 gaming infrastructure and ecosystem; and MyShell, an innovative chatbot platform. The coming together of these industry leaders will create a powerful network that gaming enthusiasts and developers can leverage for innovation.

The Entertainment Festival is divided into three sub-campaigns, each running separately between September 5, 2023 and October 8, 2023.

Linea x DeGame x Particle Network Quests

The first sub-campaign will be hosted by DeGame, Particle Network, Linea, in partnership with over 30 other partners including Meta Apes, Cataclysm, Sidus, Tatarot, MEEET, and Battlemon.

In this sub-campaign, users will be able to participate in quests, and contribute to the ecosystem through various on-chain and off-chain tasks. Users are required to prove their humanity through our Verax community that will be introduced by mid-September. The first phase will run from September 4, 2023 11pm to September 17, 2023 10:59pm ET, with 15 projects joining us. You can read more about this campaign here. The second phase of this sub-campaign will run from September 25, 2023 11pm ET to October 8, 2023 10:59pm ET. Keep watching this space for more information about this phase.

For each project, the top performer will earn a Linea Gas Pass. Users finishing between second and 60th positions will be eligible to enter a raffle, of which together 100 Linea Gas Passes will be distributed. Each LineaGas Pass will hold ETH worth $500 in paymaster. This gas pass is transferable on secondary markets and is designated solely for the purpose of covering gas fees on Linea. It also does not have an expiration date.

The Gas Pass utilizes ERC-6551, a smart contract that enables all NFTs to have their own smart contract account. This means that all NFTs on Ethereum mainnet can act as a wallet and can hold other tokens. The Gas Pass for the Linea Entertainment Festival is managed by Station Labs, a full-stack web3 kit to onboard, identify, and incentivize new users; and Pimlico, an ERC-4337 project that is creating an infrastructure layer for smart contract wallets, and is sponsored by Linea. Read more about the Gas Pass here.

In addition to the Linea Gas Pass, participants in this sub-campaign can also have a chance to win an Apple Vision Pro or a Nintendo Switch.

To know more about the tasks in this sub-campaign, and associated rewards, visit here.

Linea x P12

The second sub-campaign in the Linea Entertainment Festival is the P12 Arcana: Linea Editorium, which is aimed at promoting enriching content related to entertainment and gaming within the L2 ecosystem. Join P12 Arcana: Linea Editorium here.

This sub-campaign will be hosted by P12 and Linea, and will run from September 4, 2023 to October 5, 2023. To know more about this campaign, you can find detailed information here.

The P12 Arcana is web3 gaming UGC (User Generated Content) sub-campaign powered by P12 Editor. Users will also vote for their favorite assets on Linea mainnet, and complete any associated tasks with the campaign.

The P12 Editor is an all-inclusive metaverse editor that is being released for the first time as part of the Linea Entertainment Festival. It's a powerful tool that empowers users to embark on their game development journey from scratch.Users can easily finish the process of metaverse building, game creation and game publishing. In addition to that, P12 Editor can be used for character designing, animation making, etc.

The participants will be the first to download the P12 Editor on their computers, and set it up using this guide. Currently, the P12 Editor only supports Windows operating systems. Once users have the P12 Editor up and running, they can use the existing design templates to create their own metaverse assets.

Participants in the P12 Arcana stand a chance to win up to $20,000 in cash. In addition, users can also garner P12 Power Level(PL), which is an indicator of their presence in the P12 community. Not only can it be used to level up P12 Genesis Badge, but it can also increase the value of the P12 token airdrop when it goes live. For example, when a user registers their P12 Editor, they receive 120 PL, and when they successfully create and publish a new asset, they receive 600 PL.

These Power Levels can be converted to votes when participants will vote on the submitted metaverse assets. This voting process will in turn allow participants to receive more Power Levels.

To learn more about power levels, you can read here.

Linea X Myshell.ai

The third sub-campaign, called Linea Season, in the Entertainment Festival is hosted by Myshell.ai and Linea. This campaign will run from September 18, 2023 to October 1, 2023. The main aim of this sub-campaign is to bring in more web2 users on to Linea, and into the overall web3 ecosystem.

As part of the Linea Season campaign, users will be able to take part in interactive activities related to Linea on the MyShell platform. Any web2 users participating in the sub-campaign will be automatically assigned a custodian wallet, and will receive guides to participate in any on-chain activities.

All users will receive battery points at the beginning of Linea Season: while regular users will begin the sub-campaign with 200 battery points, all Linea users will begin with 500 battery points. These battery points will then be spent on performing tasks such as chatting with the chatbot in the campaign.

Users will also receive Shell points for performing engagement activities such as completing a set number of conversations with bots, and joining the MyShell Discord. These Shell points can be redeemed towards gifts such as free usage of GPT-4. In addition, these Shell points are the only indicator that can help determine a user’s ranking in the sub-campaign. Users that rank in the top 200 participants in the Linea Season will get MyShell badges, which can be redeemed into NFTs in the future. Top ranking users will also receive LineaETH worth $50 that can be used to perform transactions on the network.

For more information about this campaign, you can read frequently asked questions here.

Explore Web3 Gaming Through Web3 Tools

We at Linea are supportive of innovative features that web3 enables everyday. That is part of the reason that we decided to use a gas pass as a reward for the Linea Entertainment Festival, instead of only cash rewards. By encouraging users to explore the web3 tools and ecosystem through regular quests and tasks, we want to bring more users in the web3 fold, as well as push existing web3 users to innovate.

As our users learn about web3 from performing various tasks, so do we learn from hosting these activities. While the design and the mechanisms of our tasks may not be perfect, we are constantly striving to improve the user experience and bring a world-class experience to the community.

As always, you can connect with us on Mirror, Twitter, and Lens, where we share learnings and updates from Linea. You can also check out our developer portal and technical documentation to get started on the L2 network.

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