Linea Voyage XP: A Token of Gratitude for Contributing to the Growth of Linea

The Voyage XPs are non-transferrable SBTs that will be distributed to recognize the community’s extraordinary contribution toward the growth of the Linea ecosystem.

From the early days of Linea’s development, community has been at the heart of the network. From demonstrating early support for the private testnet, to stress-testing and providing feedback, to navigating the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), creating human connections, and participating in quests, our community has shown unwavering dedication.

Community is the lifeblood of not only Linea, but the overall Ethereum ecosystem. When Ethereum was introduced, before the mainnet genesis, we witnessed the emergence of local communities worldwide, all rallying around an idea outlined in the Ethereum Yellow Paper. This was a powerful indicator of the promising future that lay ahead for the thriving community we see today.

Carrying on this commitment to community, Linea sees itself as a natural extension of Ethereum, not only from a technical standpoint but also as an integral part of the broader Ethereum community.

We kickstarted the extraordinary Linea Voyage in May this year, with an extremely successful and heavily tested quest that took us from testnet to mainnet. The overwhelmingly positive response to the Voyage motivated us to strive for continuous improvement. We adjusted course to focus on concepts such as human-driven activity and permissionless innovation, both of which have been driving forces behind projects like Verax and our other campaign-based activations.

To recognize the community’s extraordinary contributions to the growth of the Linea ecosystem, and to express our gratitude, we are introducing the Voyage XP, a harmonized way to measure community contribution across all Linea activations in the past, present and future as we progress towards our first Voyage destination: Decentralization of the Linea network.

What is the Voyage XP Program?

Voyage XPs are non-transferrable, soul-bound tokens (SBTs) that will recognize each community member’s contribution to the growth of the ecosystem. Whether you are a user, a startup, a decentralized application (dapp), or a member of the Linea team, this token would recognize and validate your commitment to Linea’s growth.

It is important to note here that Voyage XPs do not have any monetary value. Be cautious of scams: you cannot buy, sell, or swap them, nor can you accumulate by transferring from another wallet.

Apart from being a measure of contribution to building Linea into a robust and secure L2 network, the Voyage XPs will also make owners eligible for perks such as receiving official community roles, exclusive Linea swag, and more.

We plan to deploy the Voyage XPs during our upcoming Linea Voyage: DeFi event and will also retroactively cover previous activations, including the first Voyage: Testnet to Mainnet, and the ongoing Linea Voyage: Entertainment Festival. The retroactive issuance will be tied to cryptographic evidence of these commitments, such as the Whitelist, Voyage NFT, or Discord Roles obtained from these activations. This retroactive assignment of the Voyage XPs will take some time as we want to ensure fairness and listen to feedback from the community. We will provide more updates on the issuance process soon.

A special note for the Voyage NFT holders: this NFT was a reward for the commitment you displayed in testing Linea testnet dapps. If you sold your NFT to someone else, any Voyage XPs issued in connection with the NFT will go to the NFT’s current holder.

Voyage XPs will be a custom version of ERC-20 and will be visible by default in your MetaMask wallet. As they are non-transferable and not bridgeable to other networks, please ensure you are on the Linea network to check your balance and avoid any scams. No one can sell you or transfer you Voyage XP. They are tied to your identity, your address, as an SBT to recognize contribution to the growth of the Linea ecosystem.

Linea Voyage: Entertainment Festival

We launched the Linea Voyage: Entertainment Festival on September 4, 2023. It is a month-long celebration of digital content onboarding to web3, and a means for us to expand Linea’s social and gaming ecosystem.

The first phase of the Entertainment Festival was successful and saw over 50K participants complete nearly 300K tasks. We are thrilled to announce that the second phase of this campaign is now live. This phase will run from September 27, 2023 at 23:00 (UTC+8) to October 10, 2023 at 22:59 (UTC+8). To deliver this phase, we have 17 partners including Legend of Arcadia, Sparkle, Star Protocol, Gamix, Zypher Games, and MetaMerge. You can participate in this phase of the campaign here.

To activate the Voyage journey in this phase and become eligible for XPs, players need to complete the crucial task of authenticating their proof of humanity (“PoH”) through any of the methods provided by our partners. These proofs will also be issued as attestations into the Verax attestation registry, the first public good to come out of the Linea ecosystem.

This second phase of the campaign is organized in three levels. Players can unlock Level 2 by completing ‘Level 1-Admission’ tasks, which include the previously mentioned PoH attestation. To complete Level 2-Elite and unlock Level 3, players need to finish Linea Standard Quests in any nine communities from Group A, and through which they can get familiar with web3 content on Linea. Completing Level 2-Elite is the first milestone that will ensure eligibility to get the Voyage XPs in the Festival.

To attain Level 3-Endgame, players can pick at least one community from the seven listed as Group B and aim for the top by joining the “Linea Challenge Rush”. Rewards for being in the top ranking of any Challenge Rush include Linea Gas Pass, Discord Roles, as well as contribution recognition through Voyage XPs. For the detailed procedure and mechanism, please refer here.

An important note for the participants who participated in the first phase of the Linea Entertainment Festival and completed the first two steps: you need to complete the PoH attestation through the entry point (PoH attestation under “Level 1 - Admission” or the PoH page introduced by Clique) to qualify for the Voyage XPs. The PoH attestation is also a prerequisite for top performing gamers to join the raffle and earn the rewards.

As always, you can connect with us on Mirror, Twitter, and Lens, where we share learnings and updates from Linea. You can also check out our developer portal and technical documentation to get started on the L2 network.

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