The Linea Voyage: Our Path to Decentralization

The Linea Voyage encompasses the journey of the Linea zkEVM ecosystem from testnet, to mainnet launch, to the first Voyage destination: The decentralization of the network.

From Ideation to Decentralization

The Linea network began back in 2019 as a response to Ethereum’s scalability problem. What followed was the release of our zkEVM specification at DevCon 6 in Fall 2022, the launch of our highly successful private testnet in January 2023, and the launch of Linea’s mainnet alpha in July.

Since launching mainnet alpha, we have prioritized (1) helping devs grow their decentralized apps (dapps), (2) bringing users an exceptionally secure and hyperscalable web3 environment, and (3) building a vibrant and progressively decentralized L2 ecosystem.

Our product team dedicates countless hours to enhancing the network's security, stability, and affordability for users. Meanwhile our growth team focuses on pragmatically and relentlessly supporting partners as they strive for success, as well as nurturing our community and its future. We are deeply committed to fostering a decentralized network—one that doesn't rely on a single provider, team, or enterprise, much like Ethereum.

The spirit of decentralization drives the development of the Linea ecosystem. However, it is essential to clarify that the Linea core team is not Linea, Consensys is not Linea, our partners are not Linea, and not even our users are Linea. Collectively, all of us together are Linea.

This is more than an optimistic vision. Linea is a realistic rollup—we are confident that Linea will withstand bear markets, bull markets, regulatory changes, and any other challenges that come along the way. Linea’s longevity goes beyond the support of the core team and that of Consensys. It rests on the growth and the strength of our community.

To make progress toward network decentralization, it is crucial to identify and empower stakeholders to take the network forward: Decentralized Linea should not have to rely on a single entity to determine who holds value and deserves a voice. It is the users and dapps—a collection of individuals and web3 builders who have the most stake in the network, and who have shown unwavering dedication to growing and supporting its thriving ecosystem—who will bear the responsibility of keeping Linea at the forefront when we step back.

This is where the Linea Voyage XP program comes in. By participating in Voyage activations (such as the Testnet Voyage and the Entertainment Festival), and supporting community development, dapps and users both contribute to strengthening the Linea ecosystem, thereby becoming its most important stakeholders. XP is a measure of that contribution.

The Linea Voyage XP Program

Voyage XP are non-transferrable soulbound tokens that are distributed to recognize the community’s extraordinary contribution toward the growth of the Linea ecosystem. Whether you are a user, a startup, a dapp, or a member of the Linea team, this token will recognize and validate your commitment to Linea’s growth.

Voyage XP will be a custom version of ERC-20. They will be visible by default in your MetaMask wallet. It is important to note here that Voyage XP do not have any monetary value. Be cautious of scams: Voyage XP are non-transferable and not bridgeable to other networks. You cannot buy, sell, or swap them, nor can you accumulate them by transferring from another wallet.

Apart from being a measure of contribution to building Linea into a robust and secure L2 network, Voyage XP will also make owners eligible for benefits such as receiving official community roles, exclusive Linea swag, and more.

We will launch Voyage XP alongside the upcoming DeFi Voyage. We will also retroactively allocate Voyage XP to users and dapps that participated in our prior two Voyages. The retroactive issuance will be tied to cryptographic evidence of these commitments, such as the Whitelist, Voyage NFT, Linea Gas Passes or Discord Roles obtained from these activations.

First Testnet, then Entertainment, now DeFi

In May, we launched Linea’s Testnet Voyage, giving users the opportunity to learn about the infinite possibilities of an L2 network. For Linea, this helped to battle-test the network against massive levels of transaction volume across a variety of activities. By mainnet launch, over 500,000 users had completed 50M transactions with 50 dapp partners over the nine week Voyage. The collective action of Linea’s powerful early community was crucial in preparing the network for its mainnet alpha release. In return for their hard work, we distributed a tiered collection of Linea Voyage NFTs.

In September, we set our sights on jumpstarting Linea’s gaming ecosystem with the first Entertainment Festival. We hosted a social and gaming extravaganza, introducing users to over 40 gaming dapps and allowing them to explore gaming opportunities on L2s. By the end of the six week festival, over 100,000 users completed just under 5M quests and created almost 15,000 game scene designs. For taking part in the exploration and helping to grow Linea’s gaming ecosystem, top gamers received Linea Gas Passes and some pretty cool gamer tech.

Next month, we put the spotlight on DeFi.

But this will not be like Linea’s previous Voyages.

We have heard our community and we have taken the learnings from the first two Voyages to design a DeFi Voyage that will not be as labor intensive as the Testnet Voyage, and that will employ a better organized structure than the Entertainment Festival.

Here is a sneak peak of what’s coming.

The Linea Voyage: DeFi

A Partnership with Intract and MetaMask Learn

Linea’s DeFi Voyage will bring everyone—from web3 newcomers to seasoned investors—an intuitive, immersive, and educational DeFi experience. We are teaming up with Intract and  MetaMask Learn to deliver a six-week Voyage that will cover all sectors of DeFi.

Intract helps web3 users connect with and explore the communities of their choice. 1.4M+ verified on-chain users learn about web3 through hassle-free, gamified, and personalised journeys; while web3 projects use Intract to acquire power users and build community engagement.

MetaMask Learn is a learning simulation platform launched by MetaMask to help users orient themselves in the world of web3 and self-custodial wallets. It combines visual learning with action-oriented testing to provide a compelling and engaging way to understand complex web3 concepts.

What next?

Countdown to the DeFi Voyage

Keep an eye on X for a breakdown of the DeFi Voyage and the first task.

Also, join our Discord community and share your feedback with us!

As always we are eager to listen and learn, for it is together that we become stronger.

See you on-chain on November 7th!

Bon Voyage!


The Linea Protocol, the Linea Interface, and the Linea Protocol’s native Ethereum bridge are offerings of Consensys Software Inc., and your use of these offerings is governed by Terms of Service.

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