The Linea DeFi Voyage Comes to an End

Commencing  November 7th 2023, Linea partnered with Intract and MetaMask Learn to deliver a six-week DeFi Voyage covering all DeFi sectors. Linea sought to welcome everyone— from web3 newcomers to seasoned investors—to explore L2 DeFi by creating an intuitive, immersive, and educational quest experience.

Intract has been an incredible partner to host the DeFi Voyage! Intract is building the go-to hub for all web3 explorations—discovering early alpha, quests with instant rewards, tools to build a strong on-chain reputation, and much more. Trusted by over 1000+ trusted communities, they’ve built their own community of 1M+ and already empowered $1B+ volume in on-chain transactions.

Wave 0: DeFi Voyage Launch

We kicked things off by introducing Voyagers to core Linea, web3, and DeFi concepts. We discussed the overarching narrative of the Linea Voyage, Voyage XP, and the DeFi Voyage dynamics— preparing Voyagers for upcoming waves, while beginning an educational journey for any web3 newcomers interested in exploring DeFi the same as superusers.

Wave 1: MetaMask

Just as we introduced core concepts and discussed crypto wallets and security best practices, Voyagers began their L2 DeFi journey by bridging funds into Linea and swapping tokens using MetaMask Portfolio. Voyagers were prepping to boost Ethereum scaling by embarking on this L2 DeFi journey!

Many Voyagers seemed to be set on maxing out LXP!

Wave 2: Bridging and Onramps

For bridging week, Voyagers explored Linea’s bridging ecosystem.

We looked at on-ramps that move fiat into crypto assets, and bridging, one of the components that helps Ethereum more efficiently handle a higher volume of activity, connects Ethereum with other blockchains. We dove into exactly what these are, how to do them, and how to protect yourself against their inherent risks.

Wave 3: Token Swaps

For the third wave of the DeFi Voyage, Voyagers explored Linea’s DEX and DEX aggregator ecosystem. Also, they acquainted themselves with various crypto assets, including stablecoins, liquid staking tokens, and real-world assets.

We walked through how to swap tokens, how smart contracts work behind the scenes, what the critical terms around swapping mean (such as liquidity and liquidity pools), and how to protect against the risks of token swapping.

Wave 4: Lending and Borrowing

During wave 4, Voyagers explored how to interact with DeFi money markets. They discovered that these markets offer traditional finance tools like interest and liquidity, supercharged with the power of decentralization.

We prepped Voyagers to take on more advanced transactions by navigating how lending and borrowing work in DeFi, the key terms you need to know, and the associated risks and benefits.

Wave 5: Liquidity Provision and Yield Farming

Here’s where complexity ramped up. For wave 5, Voyagers explore liquidity provision and yield farming by providing liquidity on selected pairs on Linea DEXs. By providing assets as liquidity, particularly for decentralized exchanges (DEXs), users bolster the ecosystem that enables swaps and other financial activities.

To prepare, we explored how liquidity provision and yield farming work, their risks, and how you can more safely use these tools to participate in DeFi.

Wave 6: Proof-of-Humanity

Wave 6 was focused on human verification. We asked Voyagers to prove their humanity and identity with Verax, an on-chain attestation registry that works like a trust and reputation scoring system.

Verax allows for maintaining a public canon of data from which we can derive reputation. We can apply various reputation protocols to the data to derive a subjective level of trust in unknown issuers of attestations. In these cases, we are not trusting the issuer of the credential/attestation directly, but rather the reputation that we can establish based on the data available on-chain.

Please note that even though the DeFi Voyage has ended, Voyagers must complete Proof of Humanity for their accounts on to be eligible to collect their LXP. You can learn more about digital identity and check out the FAQ here.

Wave 7: Trading

During wave 7, Voyagers explored complex trading products. DeFi’s distinctive features are often called "stackable money legos," signifying a flexible and modular nature. This allows for the creation and combination of new functionalities, a stark contrast to traditional finance. DeFi hasn't just replicated existing financial products but introduces new paradigms that were previously unfeasible.

To prepare Voyagers to take on wave 7, we walked through popular complex trading products, how they work, their uses and risks, and examples of these products on Linea.

Wave 8: SocialFi

We shifted to decentralized social during wave 8! Voyagers explored SocialFi on Linea by minting an NFT that catalogued each Voyager’s 2023 journey on the Linea network and getting acquainted with Tomo. This user-centric platform merges social media with decentralized finance and enables direct interaction with users’ favorite creators.

Wave 9: SuperDapps

For the penultimate wave of the DeFi Voyage, Voyagers explored SuperDapps. These are similar to dapps in that they are built on top of blockchain technology, and promote decentralization, security, and transparency. However, SuperDapps offers unique features and an enhanced user experience. They also operate at a larger scale by leveraging multiple blockchain ecosystems and superior smart contract functionalities.

Some web3 wallets are SuperDapps and act as a powerful gateway to DeFi. They offer advanced functionalities such as dapp browser plug-ins; advanced security measures such as multi-sig, encrypted key storage, cross-chain support, and enhanced privacy measures. Each feature makes for a well-rounded user experience that can be a decisive factor when bringing the next billion users to DeFi and web3.

Wave 10: Account Abstraction

And finally, we come to account abstraction! For this wave, Voyagers experienced how account abstraction upgrades the web3 dapp user experience and eliminates the need for convoluted secret recovery phrases, tricky transactions, and high gas fees. Voyagers used Timeless Wallet to execute swaps, liquidity provision, and borrowing across DeFi dapps.

To prepare, we dove into what account abstraction means, how it works, and some of the major UX advances it makes possible. We also looked at two of the most immediate improvements: transaction sponsoring and paymasters, in greater detail and examined how they have been implemented on Linea.

The Linea DeFi Voyage: An Ecosystem Success

Linea’s DeFi Voyage has undoubtedly been a tremendous success, thanks to the Voyagers! Whether you joined the Voyage to max out LXP, to learn more about L2 DeFi, to explore dapps on Linea, or all of the above, your efforts helped make Linea a more vibrant and engaging ecosystem.

Join us on our community call tomorrow, 21 December 2023 at 9am ET to review stats and highlights from across the journey!

We're excited about the future and can't wait to continue this journey with all of you. Thank you to all the Voyagers who joined us on this journey. Your participation and enthusiasm have been truly inspiring. Here's to many more adventures in the world of DeFi! 🥂

There is much more to come from the Linea team! The future of web3 is here, and you're a part of it.

Onwards and upwards, Voyagers! 🚀

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